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Benjamin Sheridan Valve Tool

This is the tool only, from my pre-1995 rebuild kit. Ensure you have the right rifle, that requires this tool, prior to purchase. This listing does NOT include any seals or fittings. It is the tool only.

Sheridan Rebuild Kits are here.

The following is the description of the rebuild kit itself, to help determine if you need the tool:

Repair kit fits these multi-pump guns made before 1995 (they have a soldered valve): Benjamin 397, 392, 340, 342 & 347 guns as well as Sheridan C9 (Silver Streak) & CB9 (Blue Streak). To determine if this kit is for you:

  • Remove the screw in front of triggerguard to remove rear part of the stock
  • Remove the pins or screws that hold the retention cap at the rear of the receiver
  • Remove the guide pin, spring & hammer to reveal the compression tube
  • If the compression tube appears to be brass & is one piece with a pin protruding from it, you'll need the other kit (CR/RepairKitC9) instead of this one
  • If your gun has a rounded square hole with a valve stem sticking up through it, then the kit shown on this page will fit your gun. The included valve tool (pictured on this page) is needed to remove the parts from the soldered valve body (directions included with kit).

This kit includes parts that are still available from Crosman and may require slight modification. If your gun is very old and has been treated with any petroleum distillates and/or solvents that damage rubber seals, the removal of the old parts can be challenging. The obsolete gasket that seals the valve guide to the compression tube can normally be reused. If you used petroleum products, it may be irreparably damaged and will need to be replaced by a thin o-ring.

Benjamin Sheridan Valve Tool
FREE USA Shipping

Benjamin Sheridan Valve Tool
$10 International Shipping

Teardown Screwdriver Bit Kit for
Crosman 2240 2250 2260 1377 1322 P1377 P1322 & More

Complete Teardown Magnetic Bit Kit with the three hex sizes you need (0.050", 1/16" and 5/64"), a Square #2 (for the grip frame), a wide gunsmith slotted (for the rear sight) and #1 and #2 Phillips for the grips (as found on some models). This one driver contains all parts to completely teardown a normal Crosman model.

You have your choice of short hex bits, long hex bits or BOTH. You have your choice of one actual driver (the red handled assembly) OR as many as you need, so you don't need to swap bits.

The bits are mostly (all?) made in USA. The driver is imported.

Also available is a dedicated #2 Square Driver. It's an expensive Made in USA tool that works really well.

Also available: Precision Eyeglass Hex Drivers

Order as many handles as you need, so you don't have to swap bits.
Short, or long, or both hex bits available.

Handle storage for the longer #2 Square, or extra bits.

In summary, the normal kit includes:

  • One Driver Handle
  • One 0.050" Hex Bit
  • One 1/16" Hex Bit
  • One 5/64" Hex Bit
  • One #2 Square Bit
  • One PH1 Phillips
  • One PH2 Phillips
  • One Wide Slotted

Optionally available:

  • Extra Driver Handles
  • Extra Hex Bits (long, short or both, you pick)
  • Dedicated #2 Square Driver

Screwdriver Bit Kit
Free USA Shipping


International Shipping (if applicable)
You MUST select this or your order will be delayed.

Extra Driver Handles
(so you're not constantly swapping bits)


Dedicated #2 Square Driver (Made in USA)

The Little Boy Kit
Longer Barrel + Band Only for Crosman 1322 1377 P1322 P1377

I have offered, for a few years now, what I call the Big Boy Kit. That kit is designed to upgrade your Crosman pumper to a longer barrel, and includes extras like a fancier roll pin replacement and front sight.

It can be found here. That kit is expensive. Not everyone wants the extras.

Some people just want their longer barrel and the 2289 barrel band. They don’t mind reusing the OEM roll pin and they don’t want, or need, a front sight. If that’s you, then you want this kit. The Little Boy.

You can swap calibers with this kit, though you’ll need a matching bolt, optionally available.

The OEM length on a Crosman pumper is 10”. Here, you can have any length up to 26”.

18”, 24” and 26” are standard on .177.
14”, 18”, 24” and 26” are standard on .22.

Any other length will be cut and recrowned.

Note: You may have a set screw dimple on the barrel I send you. This is because the longer barrels we use here are for other models. You must be okay with said small dimple. 18” and longer in .177 will have a 1” flat spot that Crosman uses as a band fastening spot. Email me if you need pics.

Alliance Hobby Little Boy Kit
Free USA Shipping

Do you need the bolt, too?
Length (12 to 26 Inches)

Alliance Hobby Little Boy Kit
$10 International Shipping

Do you need the bolt, too?
Length (12 to 26 Inches)

How do you want your muzzle?

If you plan on using one of the plastic front sights, you'll need a flat spot on the top of the muzzle for the friction fit.

If you want the muzzle left plain, bare and round (not using a sight), select this option:


Barrel Polish

If you want the bluing removed from your barrel and polished to a high, near mirror-finish shine, select this option:


Barrel Polish


Mossy Oak Camo Shoulder & Forearm Stock Kit
for Crosman 2250 2400KT & Modded 2240

Mossy Oak Camo Plastic 1399 Stock and forearm for Crosman 2250 and 2400KT.

Will also fit a 2240 if you convert it to a 2250 tube. Conversion kit available here:


Like real wood grain products, each pattern will be slightly different.

The shoulder stock itself fits countless Crosman models including:

2240 2250 1322 1377 P1322 P1377 2289 and several others.

You can order this listing for those models, but you'll receive the forearm, too, whether it will fit yours or not.


14.5" Lothar Walther Barrels in .177 & .22
For Crosman 2240 2250 2260 2289 1377 1322 P1377 P1322 etc

I have Lothar Walther factory length .177 and .22 barrels at 14.5". I also have a factory length .177 at 10". All have the flat spot for the friction fit front sight.

LW barrels milled to fit the 10-pump guns (1322, 1377, P1322, P1377) are here.

Looking for a complete-package longer barrel kit for your 1322 / 1377? You need the LW Big Boy Kit.

They are all 7/16" OD and thus fit the standard plastic and steel breeches and all are rifled, obviously.

The 14" barrels can be cut down and recrowned at any length.

Dimensionally, they are basically identical to the Crosman manufactured barrels, but made by LW themselves for increased accuracy and performance.


FREE USA Shipping

Custom Length?

$10 International Shipping

Custom Length?

Diana Chaser Powerlet to Paintball Tank Adapter
for Pistol or Rifle

My first, and flagship, product has always been my Crosman 22xx series Powerlet Adapter systems. Well, Diana recently debuted their Chaser, which is set up pretty similarly to a Crosman 2240. I've had several requests for an adapter system for it, so I went out, bought a Chaser and designed what you see below.

If you want the full details on the Adapter system and what it does for you, please see www.alliancehobby.com/adapters.

Below, you can order just the adapter, the adapter + 90° elbow or a Complete Rig, which includes coiled hose and paintball tank of your choice.

You can also buy a 90g AirSource kit which comes with a pre-filled cylinder. The paintball tanks must be filled upon arrival.

I will say this: The 90g pre-filled cylinders normally work fine and are great for buyers that can't easily fill CO2 tanks, but they include an extra thread adapter, which means they include an extra potential point of failure (leaks). And, with the 90g cylinders, once a leak starts, it's hard to stop them, wasting an entire cylinder. They're also more expensive from the get-go. For more details, email me. So, if you can, always choose a refillable paintball tank. They're cheaper to operate and more reliable.

Diana Chaser Adapter System
FREE USA Shipping


Diana Chaser Adapter System
$15 International Shipping


Crosman 357 Valve Assembly 357-050

This is the complete valve assembly for the Gen III Crosman 357. Various articles and blogs online suggest that you can convert a Gen I gun to this style of valve as an easy swap-in install. This would be ideal for when you need to replace seals that Crosman simply doesn't make any longer.

While I have a 357 rebuild kit for sale (hundreds sold), there is very rarely a time when you need a seal not in that kit. Doesn't happen often, but when it does, replacing the whole thing with this listing may be your only option.

Internal part numbers of this valve include:


Floating Barrel Band Mod - METAL Pump Cover
For Crosman 1377, 1322, P1377, P1322 & 2289

I am now offering a floating barrel mod for the Crosman pumper line. As shown in the photos, this eliminates the plastic barrel band / front sight and utilizes a metal (aluminum or brass for now) pump lever cover to really clean up the front of the gun.

The following limitations must be considered:

  • The Steel Breech Kit is a requirement. The barrel is now only supported from the breech and the plastic breech kit just doesn't cut it.
  • The 3-Screw Steel Breech kit should be used, but is not required. The more anchor points at the back, the better off you'll be.
  • You can't go very long on the barrels. The OEM length is 10". The max I'd like to see you go is 12" to 14". Any more than that and you don't have the rigidity needed.
  • While not required at all, you should use the Shoulder Bolt (bottom of page) or Clevis Pin mod for easier reinstallation. The shoulder bolt is available in SS to match the aluminum or brass to match the brass.
  • The barrel will indeed float, like many other OEM Crosman models. You gain an improved look at a cost of rigidity. The plastic bands don't do much to begin with, but you must take care to not damage your gun by mishandling.

I can dress the cover up, if you want some designs and not so plain (a notch cut into it, grooves on the face, etc). Just email me.

FREE USA Shipping

Cover Material
If you're ordering the shoulder bolt,
do you want brass or stainless?

$5 International Shipping

Cover Material
If you're ordering the shoulder bolt,
do you want brass or stainless?

Add 1-Screw or 3-Screw Steel Breech Kit


NEW!! SMOOTH, Uncheckered Wood Grips

I now have Full, Slim and the Fatty available without checkering.

As always, the grips + fatty fit the P1322, P1377, 1322, 1377 and 2289.

The trigger grips fit those, too, plus the 2240, 2250, SSP-250 and countless others.

Above photo shows the smooth shoulder stock + checkered fatty.
The buy button below is for both products as smooth. Just didn't want to take a new photo.

FREE USA Shipping

Choose Your Poison

$10 International Shipping

Choose Your Poison

Add Gloss Polyurethane Top Coat (+$5)


Crosman SMOOTH Main Tubes
Smooth & Unmarked. With caps or without.

I am now offering the entire line of Crosman guns that I support with smooth main tubes.

That's the CO2 line (2240, 2250 and 2260) and the pumper line (1322, 1377, P1322, P1377 and 2289).

Q: What do you mean by marked vs smooth?

A: Crosman ships their main tubes with deep engraving on the side, commonly called "lawyer lettering". It typically contains the model #, caliber and a legal release disclaimer (shoot safely, etc, etc). Smooth tubes are devoid of all that. They look like unfinished pieces of steel (with, of course, the proper dimensions and all holes drilled, tapped, etc).

Optionally, they can be powder coated, too.

All the smooth tubes with the exception of the factory-shipped, 2240-length (2300S and T) are more expensive due to me having to work them myself.

All tubes ship mirror-shine polished like the four photos immediately below.

Smooth, Polished 2250 Main Tube

Smooth, Polished 1377 / 1322 Main Tube

Smooth CO2 Tubes in Brass Powder

Smooth 2300T Tube in Copper Vein Powder

Smooth 2300T Tube in Copper Vein Powder

Smooth 2250 Tube in Silver Vein Powder

FREE USA Shipping


$10 International Shipping


Include Matched Caps, too?

If you need the matching hammer cap and piercing stem cap (if applicable), select below.
They will match your as-ordered tube (ie, polished or powdered).
Internals (valve, etc) are NOT this buy button. It's the next one down.


Include Caps & Internals, Too?

If you want the whole shebang, matching caps and matching internals to whatever tube you ordered, add it by clicking below.
It's $40, no matter which tube you bought.


Powder Coating

If you want your tube powder coated, add $5 via the button below. My available colors are listed in my Portfolio.


Solid Wood 1399 Shoulder Stock + Fatty Forearm Combo
For Crosman 2240, 2250, 2300, 2400, 1322, 1377, P1322, P1377, 2289

Available separately or as a combo, I have now have wood shoulder stocks, similar to the Crosman 1399 synthetic stock.

The shoulder stock is compatible across the entire 22xx and 13xx line. The fatty forearm is compatible across the 13xx, P13xx line. 2289, too.

Screws included.

Note that the shoulder stocks (both synthetic and wooden) are notorious for a bit of looseness or slop. There are a few different fixes available, including the Quick Release kit or simply adding some padding to the bottom of the groove where the grip frame rests. This is not a defect with the wooden stock, it is more of a design limitation in Crosman's grip frame. Email me if concerned.

Available unstained bare wood or I'll spray a Gloss Polyurethane top coat. However, I fully admit that I'm not the best at it, so you may want to do it yourself if you want that perfect finish.

FREE USA Shipping


$20 International Shipping


Add Gloss Polyurethane Top Coat (+$5)

Power Pack Plus for Pumpers
for Crosman 1322 1377 P1322 P1377 2289

The Power Pack Plus for Pumpers features a:
  • high performance aluminum valve (with an enlarged chamber to supply more air per shot)
  • stronger, high performance hammer spring (part 1 of the Pumper's Pack)
  • enlarged exhaust port (part 2 of the Pumper's Pack)

The trio has been available for years for the CO2 guns, but now pumper fans can enjoy all three performance components, too!


  • The PPPP kit, as I call it, will NOT work with the first generation 1322/1377 (those having a rear cocking knob on the very back). If you have that era gun, ONLY the power valve will work, which is available separately below.
  • If you have a 1377/1322 that came with a plastic breech (and no rear cocking knob) then the trio will work, though you can still buy just the valve if you want.
  • If you have a P1377/P1322, then the trio will work or you can buy just the valve.
  • The valves are generally safe up to 20 pumps. Enjoy that extra velocity boost, if you want to take the time to pump that much.

Power Pack Plus for Pumpers
Free USA Shipping


Power Pack Plus for Pumpers
Free USA Shipping



Solid Wood Fatty Forearm + Grips Combo
For Crosman 1322, 1377, P1322, P1377 & 2289

Solid wood fatty forearms. Either sold individually or with the pistol grips as a combo. Wider and more comfortable than both the 13xx and P13xx forearms, the original plastic "fatty" found on the 2289 was the #1 mod to buy. That was inexplicably discontinued about two years ago and this wooden option is the next best thing (some would argue THE best thing).

I can ship these unstained/uncoated and you can work them however you like. I can also apply a full gloss polyurethane topcoat for $5. I am not currently staining them, however.

Unstained Fatty with Unstained Slim Grips.

Unstained Fatty with Unstained Slim Grips.

Unstained Fatty with Unstained Full Grips.

Gloss Polyurethane Top Coat

Red Oak Stain + Gloss Polyurethane Top Coat

Fatty + Grips
FREE USA Shipping


Fatty + Grips
International Shipping


I am NOT staining these grips right now, however I will add a Full Gloss Polyurethane topcoat for $5. A poly-only
(no stain) is probably the most appealing choice because it brings out the natural grain and color of the wood.

Poly Only Top Coat | No Stain | $5.00

Alliance Hobby Upper Deck Kits
Steel Breech & Longer Barrel All-In-One Kits for 2240 2250 1322 1377 P1322 P1377

When you buy a 2240, 2250, P1322, P1377, 1322 or 1377 you get a plastic breech and standard length barrel.

My Upper Deck Kits include everything you need to convert to the steel breech and longer barrel. You can also swap calibers with this kit. Have a 2240 and want to go .177? Done. Have a 1322 and want it to be a 1377? Done.

Anyhow, on a 2240/2250, the kit is the steel breech and longer barrel.

2240 / 2250 kit shown (14" barrel displayed)

On the pumpers, it's the steel breech, longer barrel, 2289 barrel band (required) and the fiber optic front sight.

On the pumpers, you don't *need* the 2289 band, but you'll have to drill out the plastic band (and you're going to break it). The sight is optional if you are using a scope, etc. If this is still your choice, just select the 2240 kit instead.

1322 / 1377 kit shown (14" barrel dispalyed)

The steel breeches don't come with a rear sight. I make some, though, available optionally in the listing.

Also optionally available is the stainless steel bolt. Other photo.

The 2240 comes stock with a 7.5" barrel. The 2250 comes with a stock 14" barrel.

The pumpers come stock with a 10" barrel.

Common choices for the 2240 are 10", 12" and 14". Anything longer and it's too muzzle-heavy.

Common choices for the pumpers are 14" and 18".

Any length barrel up to 26" is available, but know that longer barrels will require support (shoulder stocks, etc).

Know that the longer barrels are actually for other guns. They 100% fit, but you may or may not have set screw divots or flat spots on the top of the barrel. It's the price you pay for having longer barrels. If you need to know specifics, email me.

.177 barrels longer than 18" will have the flat spot.

Any other barrel will probably have a small divot for a barrel band set screw.

FREE USA Shipping, but international buyers MUST add this to your order.


2240 / 2250 Upper Deck Kit

Barrel Length (any length to 26")

1322 / 1377 Upper Deck Kit

Barrel Length (any length to 26")

Make My Steel Breech the 3-Screw Mod = $10

Add The Milled Plastic Rear Sight = $10

Or, add the all-metal LPA MIM Rear Sight = $60

NEW! 26" .22 Rifled Barrels
For Crosman 2240, 2250, 2260, 1377, 1322, P1377, P1322, 2289, 2300 Series, 2400 Series, Discovery & Maximus

I'm proud to present 26" barrels in .22 cal (.177 coming soon) for the entire 22xx and 13xx line that I support.

Pump Gun mods (13xx) will also require the 2289 Barrel Band Kit and you'd probably want a front sight, too.

These are coming in two flavors.

One has a flat spot on the top-center about halfway down the barrel. This is for a support set screw on the guns they came off of. This barrel also has the flat spot for the friction-fit front sight.

The other barrel does NOT have either flat spot. The muzzle is knurled to accept the friction fit front sight.

For what it's worth, I'm probably only going to sell the knurled option after the flat-spot option sells out. But for now, I have both available.

26" long, knurled muzzle.

26" long, flat spot halfway down, then flat spot for front sight.

Which One?

Max Flow Transfer Port Bushing For Marauder Pistol

The OEM Prod Port is restricted to a 0.078" ID flow. My Port is opened up to a whopping 0.140" ID.

Static volume of air in OEM bushing = 0.00593 cubic inches.

Static volume of air in Max Flow bushing = 0.019 cubic inches.

Result = 3.2x more volume in my bushing.

More flow = more power.


Genuine Wood Stocks for
Crosman 1077, Crosman 2260 & Benjamin Discovery

All stocks are genuine Crosman/Benjamin.

For your plastic-stock 1077, upgrade it to a 1077w via the gorgeous wood stock.

For the 2260/Disco, they are direct replacements in case of damage.

1077 Wood Stock

2260 Wood Stock

Discovery Wood Stock

Wood Stocks - $79.99
USA Buyer - Free Shipping


Wood Stocks - $79.99
International Buyer - $20 Shipping


Crosman 1077 / 2100 / 2200 Muzzle Brakes

These muzzle brakes are 7075 aluminum (brass coming soon). They are for the Crosman 1077 and 2100/2200.

They do not suppress or silence; they are for cosmetic use only.

The integral front sight on these guns acts as a barrel support. To install the brake requires removing the front sight.

So, also included (not pictured) is a ground down front sight that acts as a barrel support only. The brake then slides onto the shroud and is held in place with a set screw.

These photos show the brakes powdered in Black Wrinkle. Dozens of colors are available.

Crosman 1077 / 2100 / 2200 Muzzle Brakes


If you want your brake powder coated,
enter your color here.

($5) Which Color?

100% Solid Brass Muzzle Brakes

These are solid brass muzzle brakes, milled from scratch. They do not deaden the sound or alter the velocity; they are for looks only.

They fit the standard 7/16" OD Crosman barrels and are held in place with a set screw. They will fit the 2240, 2250, 2300 line, 2400 line and the 2260. They will fit 1322/1377 that are modded with longer barrels.

A front sight post (similar to this) can be added if you're not using a scope. Otherwise, I'd leave it as-is, shown in the photos.

Fluted Brass Brake

Front Sight Post

Ringed Brass Brake


Alliance Hobby Aluminum Muzzle Brakes

Style A

These brakes are 7075 Aircraft Aluminum.

They will fit any of the 7/16" OD barrels, which means they'll fit the 2240, 2250, 2260, 2300 series and 2400 series. They'll also fit 1322, 1377, P1322 and P1377 guns fitted with longer barrels.

These do not deaden the sound, they are for looks only.

Style A, pictured here, does not use a front sight post, so you'll have to be using a scope with this one.

You have your option of leaving it polished aluminum (as shown) or it can be powder coated to one of my many available colors.

These photos show the brakes powdered in Black Wrinkle. Dozens of colors are available.

Alliance Hobby 7075 Muzzle Brakes Style A

Custom Color
Color Not Listed? Enter Here.

Style B

Style B isn't much different. It only has two decorative grooves (vs three on Style A) on the outside perimeter, but it also has a decorative groove on the face (the muzzle).

The backside taper is a bit longer, too (5° vs 10°).

These photos show the brakes powdered in Black Wrinkle. Dozens of colors are available.

Alliance Hobby 7075 Muzzle Brakes Style B

Custom Color
Color Not Listed? Enter Here.