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Solid Aluminum Grips

I don't even know what to say here except holy crap are these awesome. Machined from solid chunks of 6061 plate, I present to you the coolest thing you will ever do to your gun.

Heavy. Beefy. Solid. Like me. You're allergic to plastic. I get it. You can do wood, but you're special. You're high speed and you want heads to turn.

You want what no one else has. What no other seller offers. You need these.

Available as bare aluminum for you to finish however you want, or powder coated to any of my available colors. Available with checkering or plain.

The colors in the dropdown boxes below are what I suggest. Certain powders lay nicer than others. Certain powders are thicker and hide machining marks and fingerprints better than others. I'll have more photos of more colors available as time allows. E-mail me if you want suggestions on colors. I use Eastwood HotCoat powders. You can look at samples on their site for ideas. My Portfolio has some examples, too. The uncoated option will show a lot more tooling marks, but you'll be able to finish them however you like.

Now available Two Toned. I machine the grips as plain and powder coat them. THEN, I machine the checkering. Gives you a wild pattern like this (more photos down below, too).

Fits the standard pistol frame. 2240 2250 1377 1322 P1377 P1322 Marauder Pistol, countless others. Forearms fit 1377 1322 P1377 P1322 Drifter.

Had a request for weight comparisons. Here you go.

  OEM Plastic grips are: 1.21 oz / 34.4 grams per PAIR (left and right).
  Wood grip averages are: 2.42 oz / 65 grams per PAIR (left and right).
  Aluminum grips are: 7.92 oz / 224 grams per PAIR (left and right).
  Brass grips are: 23.27 oz / 660 grams per PAIR (left and right).
  Forearm weights: Coming soon.

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Solid Aluminum Grips Crosman 1377 1322 Drifter
Solid Aluminum, Red Stardust, Purple Stardust
(more purple photos when you click the More Photos button above)

Black Wrinkle, Metallic Purple Stardust, Metallic Red Stardust

Solid Aluminum Grips Crosman 1377 1322 Drifter
Bare Aluminum
Checkered Grips & Forearm

Solid Aluminum Grips Crosman 1377 1322 Drifter
Metallic Red Stardust
Checkered Grips & Forearm

Solid Aluminum Grips
Metallic Red Stardust Checkered Grips

Solid Aluminum Grips
Silver Vein Plain Grips

Solid Aluminum Grips Crosman 1377 1322 Drifter Solid Aluminum Grips Crosman 1377 1322 Drifter Solid Aluminum Grips Solid Aluminum Grips

Solid Aluminum Grips Solid Aluminum Grips Solid Aluminum Grips Solid Aluminum Grips

Black Stardust

Solid Aluminum Grips 
Brass & Aluminum

Silver Vein Two Tone

Black Wrinkle Left, Silver Vein Two Tone Right


Solid Aluminum Trigger Grips Only

Solid Aluminum Forearm Only

Solid Aluminum Trigger Grips & Forearm

Powder Coating (optional)

Choose, or enter, color.

Two Tone Checkering


Greg M - New Hampshire - May 14 2024

  • Dear Alliance Hobby--

    Finally got the chance yesterday to install the red aluminum grips on my Custom 2300. Shot one target; the grips are great. Thank you again for these completely unique grips.

    Gregory M

Mike S - Scotland - March 20 2024

  • Hi there.

    I am just letting you know that I received the new Crosman tube [and grips] and it is fitted and working nicely.

    Next job wll be to fit a longer barrel.

    Photo enclosed for you


    smoothed, powdered main tube, solid aluminum grips

Thomas M - Kansas - August 7 2023

  • Ok... you asked for pictures.

    These are works in progress. You will probably notice that not all of the parts were ordered through Alliance Hobby... I'm sure you recognize your competition's products. Frankly, I lose track of what I have ordered from where, and when. Some of the parts I ordered somewhere over a year ago, and just recently got around to installation. I do, however, like your products and will continue to shop/buy from you.

    You will also recognize that not all parts are necessarily installed correctly (which end of that trigger shoe goes up; where did that safety spring go?). Again: works in progress.

    Hope you enjoy.

    Tom M

    Plain Aluminum grips, Silver Vein Powder

David T - Virginia - August 8 2023

  • Received my order and the aluminum grips are just beautiful! I also appreciate the careful packaging and packing. I'm already planning my next order and enjoy checking your Changelog for updates/ideas. Thanks!


Mike S - United Kingdom - December 7 2023

  • I received my aluminium grips today and I am well pleased with them.. Thanks for a great service.