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The steel breech, specifically the Shaved Steel Breech, has an issue where if you're using the standard plastic rear sight, the sight blade itself interferes with the bolt cover on the breech.

In the past, my solution was to chop the blade in half (you use either the notched portion or the peep portion).

I had a buyer email me and suggest making this flush, buttonless bolt cover. Which is an awesome idea and something I would've never thought of.

Well, here you go.

You can buy just the button or the entire Shaved Breech Kit with the button here.

This will work with any steel breech for a cleaner look, but was made for interference issues as explained above.

  • Blued Steel will match the standard steel breech.
  • Polished Steel will match shiny stainless parts.
  • Aluminum is not anodized, but makes sense on aluminum breeches.
  • Brass if you like bling.

Video and the button itself. Polished, Blued and Brass on the right.

Go from this:

To This:


No Button Bolt Cover

Click here for the complete Steel Breech Kit + No Button Cover