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You know another request I get just about weekly?

Threaded barrels.

You know my canned response to that question?

"Can't do it. Most of the silencers and brakes you guys buy are all 1/2"-20 threads, which are too big for these barrels, since the OD is 7/16". I'd have to make smaller threads."

Well. I did.

These are 7/16"-20 threads with matching brakes.

My brakes are cosmetic-only and typically do not deaden the sound.

As always, you can have pretty much whatever option you want.

Blued barrel. Polished barrel. Either caliber. Any length.

Brass Brake. Aluminum brake.

Plain. Ringed. Fluted.

Ringed Brass Brake

Polished threaded barrel with fluted brass brake

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