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Solid Aluminum GripsOne of the biggest complaints with these guns is you run out of elevation on open sights. Especially if you're using a muzzle brake.

I am now machining replacement front sight posts with a ready-to-finish length for you to shorten yourself, or to whatever length you want.

The factory posts come in two lengths. The longer, more popular one measures ~0.355". This is measured from the top of the brake to the top of the post (so, the exposed part of the post). Measurements on the even shorter one coming soon.

Can be brass (for ease of cutting) or stainless steel.

You can also order replacement factory-length posts here, too.

The threads for all these are 6-32. They fit the Crosman brakes and all my brakes and bands. Anywhere 6-32 is accepted.

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Factory-length long post versus mine. Showing with, and without, breakaway tabs. Third photo is stainless.

11.4mm brass post

My solid brass threaded band with
extra-tall breakway tab front sight post.

7mm brass post

3mm stainless steel post
on factory Crosman brake.

Custom Aluminum Brake with low "bead" front sight post. This was around 2.5 to 3mm.

Custom Front Sight Posts

Factory Blued Steel Front Sight Posts


Steve S - South Carolina - 18 Jan 2024

  • Got the stuff today and am very pleased. Thought I would let you know, though everyone's eye is different, the front sight post that was [purposely machined] just a touch short works perfectly with my 2300KT with LPA MIM rear sight. You SWAG'd that one as good as it gets. Thanks.