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I can't please everyone, but most of my customers end up satisfied!

Here are some great emails and messages I've received in the past.

Add star C L<<redacted>> Sat, Mar 11, 2023 at 3:11 AM
To: Alliance Hobby <>
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Order received, very impressed with the instructions included + wood grips look great. There is some bad reviews on AGN so I will leave a good 1 to set the record straight

john <redacted>> Sat, Mar 4, 2023 at 11:45 AM
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Received in this AM mail, in good order.

I am pleased by your prompt action, and AMAZED that the postal service did their thing so well!


Thank you.

The Frenchman is happy:

Good morning ,
I received the order this morning.
Everything is perfect, I am very happy and I thank you.
See you soon for the other orders .
Have a very nice day .
Best regards .

envoyé : 12 février 2023 à 05:48
de : Alliance Hobby <>
à : <redacted>>
objet : 
Your Alliance Hobby Order

[Note, this guy is Italian. English is not his native language]

Hello, NICK

first of all, thank you so much for the patience you and your staff have had towards me.


Excuse me for this if you can. In any, case I wanted to warn you that your article has finally arrived in Italy two days ago, you can see all the photos attached. Today I mounted this product inside the tube of my 2240 and followed your I did not exaggerate in tightening the cap. Your system "is working perfectly" and I finally have no more propellant leaks. I am sending you some nice photos after having also attached a nice optic. In the next few days I will do some tests on the target and if you want I will show you the results that I already know from before ... they will be fantastic and your product will contribute considerably to this success.

For now, thank you againEmoji, and a warm sincere hug from Italy with great esteem and admiration


Hi there,

First of all, your website is the BEST ! It even loads on my dial-up, which I am forced to use sometimes when my cell hotspot won't work. Thank you for that!


In the meantime I found and followed your excellent instructions and have the 1377 apart. As I examine the valve, I notice the seal between the valve body and the rear of the stem is part of what holds the air charge, along with the inner o-ring and check valve. Do the stem and check need replacement sometimes?

Once again. my compliments on the website, thank you.

Kent <redacted>
Dude that barrel [18" upgrade] made it into a laser. Way more fps, couldn't be happier. Thank you so much!


I have finally had some time behind my 1077 with your bulk tank adapter installed and needless to say I couldn't be more pleased. The ingenuity, craftsmanship, and quality of this accessory are fantastic. It fit perfectly and installed in seconds. I love being able to shoot as much as I want without stopping every few clips to switch out cartridges and the placement of each shot stays more consistent.

I really appreciate the advice you gave about finding a good remote line and I have had complete success with the parts you recommended. Overall its made an average little airgun quite a unique head turner (Picture Attached.)

I will definitely be recommending your ebay store and your products to anyone who shoots airguns. Thank you again for making and selling quality parts and invaluable accessories no one else matches.



customer submitted photo

Thank you Nick, We need more people like you. Excellent service and parts selection, I will never buy parts for my 1377,1322 and 2240 from anybody else. I can\'t believe the accuracy I got with your top quality parts.

Yours truly,




Just got the adapter for my 2240. Thanks for the personal note. I installed the adapter for my 1077 earlier and the one for the 2240 today. On both I felt the"mush". Neither had a hint of a leak. The 1077 is operating flawlessly. I've put only 20 pellets through the 2240, but no problems so far.

I ended up buying a more expensive Ninja remote because it had a slide check on it. It really helped when I disconnected the remote because I didn't have to dry fire the gun to take the pressure off to disconnect the line. I simply slid the slide check back and forth several times and it release the pressure in the gun. I know you know all about the process, but I wanted to let you know about the setup.

I don't want to swell your head, but I want to let you know how impressed I am with the quality of the valves. So far, both are working well and and saving me money. I have a two-pod paintball pod holder that fits on my belt, but it doesn't do a very good job of holding my 9 ounce co2 bottle. Because of the stiffness of the remote coil, when I raise the 2240 to my shoulder, the tank tends to pull out of the holder. I plan to talk to my paintball buddy who has a paintball business. I'm like a bulldog. I will find a solution for the situation.

Bottom line, I like the adapters. You did a great job!!!

I look forward to working with you in the future. I am telling people about you, and because you have sent your business cards with each of you orders, I give them to the people who have interest in using these types of products.





Just wanted to say thank you for your good service and quick shipping of the Crosman 1377 Barrel - 10.375" - .177, eBay Item number: 230942920040. A personal email is much better than the usual feedback on ebay. I have given you positive feedback on ebay.

It arrived here today safely without any problems through UK customs / UK postal system. Keep up the good service.

Hope to do business with you again.

Best regards and thank you once again.



Hi folks.

I bought your kit on eBay and just wanted to say thank you so much for a great product. It was easy to operate and made an enormous difference. Before the conversion, it hit my heavy steel targets pretty good, but afterwards, with the 12ounce tank, the pellets are actually moving the targets and chipping the paint off them which it could never do before!

You guys rock!

Anywho, please find attached a picture of my new favorite backyard rat zapper.


Customer-submitted photo showing his tricked-out 1077
with my tank adapter installed.

Hi, I havebought crosman parts from you before over the last few weeks, and of the 3 or 4 sellers I have used, I have learned that you are the only one worth buying from. I was given a box of crosman parts, and built one up into a good pistol, and am now building a second one,and need, at this moment, a valve assemblyto fimish it. I was wondering, if I bought this one, could you see your way to let me have it postage free? I would be most grateful if you could. A couple of weeks into the future, I shall be building a third and final airgun out of the box of bits, but will need mor bits for it. and will buy what I can from you, regardless of your charges for this valve assembly.

<redacted> (UK)


I would just like to thankyou for an all round excellent service. Being in the UK I struggled to track down the parts I needed to repair and refurbish my Crosman 1377 air pistol.

I bought the pistol 20 years ago when I was 15 and it was second hand back then. I had lots of fun with it but about 17 years ago it stopped working and then became hidden in a drawer.

However, recently I decided to relive my youth and read up on what could be wrong with the pistol which led me to ordering the delux rebuild kit and a new valve assembly from your great company.

I rebuilt the pistol with the new valve assembly that was a perfect fit, plus I managed to use five of the parts from the delux kit in my rebuild. I believe I couldn't use all if the parts as I have the very first Crosman model which has the twist breech on the top.

I bought fresh gun oil and new pellets and I have been having lots of fun shooting cans in the garden today.

So once again, thanks for the great service!




I recieved the replacement barrel. Thank you so much for the very great service and understanding.

Many thanks again,

- <redacted>

Hi Nick,

The brake arrived a few days ago safe and sound. Thanks so much for your honesty and great service.


Hi Nick,

Your package has arrived today.

This was a really fast shipment. Superb!

The packaging was also great.

The barrel and Adaptor are perfect!

I am very pleased with your service.

Thank you Nick.

Will start making some planns for future orders now.

Since this shipping method went so well though, one little question in front:
Theoretically - how many barrels would fit in such a tube (with the weight) in one such a deliverry?

You said something about 5 barrels or so being the max weight, or am I wrong ?

Thank you for your time.

Have a great day Nick.

Greets, <redacted>.