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Order Status, Tracking Numbers & Bullies


  • I reserve the right to decide who I conduct business with. You may bully offshore eBay representatives, but not me. If you get snippy with me, we're immediately done. If you get impatient with my machine work, I'll just refund you and move on to the next customer.

  • Real Life Example, March 2023:
    • Justin C. places an order midweek. It's a $230, four item order. Each piece requires custom machining and is made from scratch.
    • His email contains his birth year. He's almost 40 y/o. So, you know, an actual adult.
    • Sunday morning (which is the second non-business day of the week) and his very first email to me, he threatens a chargeback for non shipment.
    • Justin is immediately refunded and banned from future orders.
    • Justin apologizes a few minutes later and agrees the assumption in the delay was his fault.
    • It's too late for Justin and now he must order form someone else.
  • Real Life Example, September 2023:
    • Braulio M., a several-order repeat customer that knows exactly how I operate, sends me multiple emails, nagging me for a tracking number on a $130 CUSTOM order that requires extensive, careful machining.
    • After being told that his order will ship when it's finished, he suggests that his order will ship, "SO, it's when you get around to it".
    • Braulio is promptly refunded and banned from future orders.
    • Approximately 17 other, patient customers suddenly move ahead one spot in line.


  • Order Lookup & Tracking Number Search
  • All orders ship through the USPS (post office) and they all have tracking numbers.
  • Certain international numbers will NOT track after they leave US Customs.
  • If you require more precise tracking than what USPS offers (mainly those countries east of Europe), you are welcome to pay an additional fee for FedEx or UPS.
  • Your tracking number will arrive in an email directly from me.
  • The subject line of the email will read "Your Alliance Hobby Order" - in this email is your tracking number.
  • If you don't have this email, check your spam box.
  • You can search inside your email program by searching for:
  • "Your Alliance Hobby Order" (use the quotes)
  • If you still cannot find your tracking number, please email me.
  • Allow me to remind all buyers that it's just myself here. I am not Amazon. I'm one man answering emails, printing labels, machining parts, buying materials and running to the post office. I am also raising a daughter.
  • I am aware I don't have the fastest turnaround time. If you're not okay with that, there are sellers that will happily ship you actual junk within two hours. Please, buy from them. I make some pretty amazing stuff, and I have hundreds of options. But, I make it all by myself.
  • Having said that, I try to ship orders approx 4 days per week. If you have not received your tracking number or seen movement on the tracking after a few days, contact me.
  • Custom work is typically exempt from the above and requires longer lead times. COVID absolutely destroyed the supply chain for raw materials and the effects are *still* being felt in late 2023. Aluminum is up. Brass is WAY up. The OEM's never have inventory, either.
  • Also, we're going on my 9th or 10th 12th year doing this. I think I've raised maybe four product's prices total in that entire time, none of which since COVID.