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Benjamin Discovery Steel Breech Kit

This is the Benjamin Discovery Steel Breech.

It is also compatible with certain Crosman models, including the 2240, 2250 and 2260 and certain 2300/2400 models.

These will not fit 13xx pump guns w/o extensive custom work. It can be done, but it's a project.

The Disco Breech is a "hidden screw" breech, meaning the front breech screw, that goes under the bolt, well on this one it's tucked way back on the bolt, completely under the bolt at all times. Only certain main tubes support this (such as the ones listed above). Check out this photo for clarification:

This is the same breech as the sold-everywhere Crosman Steel Breech Kit, with the exception of a) the hidden screw just mentioned and b) there is no dovetail cut-out at the rear for the LPA MIM sight; it's completely smooth. You can still mount a scope via the lateral dovetails, but the perpendicular ones just mentioned are gone.

You can buy just the block-only, a .177 kit, .22 kit, both bolts kit and with or without the required notched hammer. You can also have one barrel set screw, or three, a new Alliance Hobby Mod.

The block-only is just what you see in the below photos. The "kits" include all requires screws, hex wrenches, bolts and bolt covers.


Middle-bottom photo shows the 3-set screw option. Last photo shows the required 22xx notched hammer.

Discovery Steel Breech Kit

Make Breech 3-Screw Mod

Include Required Notched Hammer

Magnetized Bolt Add On