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Powerlet to Paintball Tank Conversion System
For the Crosman 1077, 2240, 2250, 2260, 2300 Series & 2400 Series

One Cap | Up to Six Guns | Swap in under 10 seconds!

Never been here before? Not sure what the product is? Read the FAQ, please!

Alliance Hobby is proud to reintroduce the latest iteration of their world famous paintball tank adapter system!

Now, one removable, modular, interchangeable cap works with up to four internal adapters to quickly and easily change between guns. This is the third major revision and upgrade to my adapters and it is, of course, better than ever.

Whether you have one Crosman CO2 gun, or the entire product line, you'll be ready to shoot from paintball tank reservoirs instead of expensive 12g Powerlets.

The overall cost of the adapter is now less, the adapters are now more reliable and easier to install AND you can swap between guns easily and quickly.

This was the first product I ever sold and it's gone through numerous improvements through the years. They're easy to use, reliable and quickly maintained using normal hand tools.

I have sold thousands of these, each one hand built. Four different states have made bulk purchases of my adapters and use them in their shooting education programs and at their state fairs.

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All Different Models| Installed on a 2240 | On a 2260 | 1077 with 88g Cylinder

The math and the numbers.

My adapters are in use at three state fairs and one 4H club.

These were bulk purchases where the organization then ran each adapter to a manifold, fed from a larger (welding size) CO2 tank.

Ohio State Fair ODNR Booth

Gen 1 1077 adapters now available. If your 1077 is approximately 20 years or older, you probably have the gen 1. Here's how to tell:

If you don't have them already, you will ALSO need a hose and paintball tank. Or, just buy the Complete Kit.

Standard Paintball Tank Adapter Kit
$49.99 - $54.99

Optional 90 Elbow

Note: Elbow potentially incompatible with the 2240XL.

I received a note in Feb 2023 saying the elbow doesn't
fit the XL due to the threaded barrel front sight.

The normal 2240 does not have this issue.


Fabio - Italy - Jul 13 2022

  • [Note, this guy is Italian. English is not his native language]

    Hello, NICK

    first of all, thank you so much for the patience you and your staff have had towards me.


    Excuse me for this if you can. In any, case I wanted to warn you that your article has finally arrived in Italy two days ago, you can see all the photos attached. Today I mounted this product inside the tube of my 2240 and followed your I did not exaggerate in tightening the cap. Your system "is working perfectly" and I finally have no more propellant leaks. I am sending you some nice photos after having also attached a nice optic. In the next few days I will do some tests on the target and if you want I will show you the results that I already know from before ... they will be fantastic and your product will contribute considerably to this success.

    For now, thank you againEmoji, and a warm sincere hug from Italy with great esteem and admiration