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(also supports slender 9oz tanks)

ALSO AVAILABLE - Crosman 1077 Hard Mount D

Here is a product that has been too long in the making and took dozens of requests for me to finally get around making it.

My powerlet to paintball tank adapters were the first products I ever sold and while they work great, the coiled remote line is bulky and there's no good way to fasten them to the guns themselves. You always have to drag the tank around with you.

I've always left it up to the buyer to figure that part out. 

For a brief time I sold something called the Hard Mount C, but it was never really reliable enough for resale. Too many connections, too many points of failure.

This listing, what I want to call something clever like the Angle Boy Kit, has the fewest points of failure I can figure out and looks the cleanest by far.

It is also still a work in progress with continual improvements being made. I have more ideas for bigger tanks and different mounting points. I hope to have ideas cobbled together soon for the 2240, 2250 and 2260, too.


  • Standard 1077 Adapter
  • Stainless Steel Braided Hose
  • In-Line Tank Mount
  • AirSource Thread Converter
  • One 90g Cylinder


  • Very clean look
  • No permanent modifications / holes needed to gun
  • Can revert back to bone-stock in minutes
  • Hundreds of shots per fill
  • Slightly more powerful velocity
  • Can rotate tank out of the way to change mags
  • Can support slender 9oz tanks for increased reliability


  • No ability to disconnect without firing the gun until empty
  • Once the AirSource is installed, it must stay connected. If you unscrew it, you risk freezing o-rings and you'll waste the tank
  • There is no on/off valve. I may figure something out in the future, but it won't look as clean as what's in the photos


  • On/Off Valve somewhere?
  • Velcro strip under forearm instead of screwing into stock?
  • Shorter braided hose?
  • Spacer between stock and in-line mount to utilize 9oz / 12oz CO2 cylinders.


Can also work with slender 9oz tanks.

Gen 1 1077 adapters now available. If your 1077 is approximately 20 years or older, you probably have the gen 1. Here's how to tell:

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Cliff Y

Canada August 16 2023
  • All the best and keep up the excellent work,

    Customer-supplied photos of my AS kit side mounted on his 1077W stock.