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Crosman 2260 Paintball Tank Adapter

  • Alliance Hobby is proud to present their very own hand-fabricated paintball tank adapters for several models of Crosman pistols and rifles.

  • What my adapters do is allow you to replace your 12g CO2 Powerlet with a full size paintball tank. You will go from 30-50 shots per Powerlet to HUNDREDS of shots per paintball tank refill.

  • Not only is refilling paintball tanks dirt cheap, but the process is much more environmentally friendly since you are no longer throwing empty Powerlets away.

  • The product works by removing your gun's end cap (what screws onto the gun's main tube after you insert a Powerlet) and replacing it with a long brass tube. That screws onto your main tube and you then attach a paintball remote line (included in the Complete Rig if you don't already have one). After the remote line is attached, simply screw on a paintball tank and you're ready to go shooting!

  • Enjoy more velocity, more consistent velocity and consequently, increased accuracy due to the larger CO2 reservoir.

  • This listing is for the adapter only and is the best choice for those that already have paintball gear and/or plan on buying the remote line and tank separately and/or locally.

  • An optional 90 degree elbow is available that allows your remote line to hang down freely from the adapter. Otherwise, it leads out towards the muzzle. The elbow is optional, but highly recommended and is almost required when using a 2240, for instance.

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Crosman 2260 Paintball Tank Adapter

Optional 90 Elbow