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Powerlet Conversion System - Complete Kits
For the Crosman 1077, 2240, 2250, 2260, 2300 Series & 2400 Series

The complete kit of my Tank Adapters includes:

  • the main adapter
  • one 90 elbow
  • one coiled remote line
  • one CO2 paintball tank of your choice in size
    90g AirSource cylinder with thread adapter

The AirSource option is everything you need to connect and start shooting immediately. The same is true for the paintball tank option, but they ship empty and must be filled upon delivery at any sporting goods shop.

The AirSource cylinder is a more turn-key solution, but not quite as reliable as an actual paintball tank due to extra fittings and adapters involved. If you can easily fill CO2 locally (from a sporting goods store), I always recommend choosing a real paintball tank.


2240 kit with a 4oz tank installed. but 4oz tanks are discontinued (it's an old photo).
Photo on the right is a 1077 kit with the AirSource cylinder installed.

First Generation 1077 adapters now available. First gen caps use a 13/16-20 thread. Current gen is 13/16-28. If your 1077 is approximately 20 years or older, you probably have the gen 1. Here's how to tell:

Left shows the difference in the factory piercing stems. Right shows my made-from-scratch Gen 1 caps.


Ohio Dept of Wildlife   Nevada Dept of Wildlife
Nebraska Game & Parks Division   Sandusky (Ohio) 4H
A Pennsylvania summer camp      

These were bulk purchases, for use in shooter education programs, where the organization ran each adapter to a manifold, fed from a larger (welding size) CO2 tank.


Complete Powerlet to Paintball Tank Conversion System

The included 90 elbow is not compatible with the 2240XL due to the XL's threaded barrel sight.


Thomas C - Oregon - May 7 2024

  • Like you state, up and running in less than 10 minutes !

Ron K - New Jersey - March 30 2024

  • Maybe it takes longer to receive but well worth the wait cant rush quality. part very well made and works well. The way it was packaged shows you take pride in your products. Thanks for the quality product.

    Ron K

Mark B - United Kingdom - Sept 7 2023

  • Good afternoon from the UK, I received the item this morning, very happy with it, thank you very much.

    Over the moon, shared positive review on all forums.

Robert H - Pennsylvania - July 22 2023

  • Thanks for getting back to me.

    Please send me the current gen caps. And this will actually make 10 that I have from you These are great for the summer camp I work at. The kids love not having to stop shooting to replace them 12g co2 they used to use. But with these they shoot all day. So thank you for making my job easier and allowing the kids have so much fun.

    Thanks again
    Robert H

Robert W - Ohio - June 18 2023

  • I received my [Diana Chaser] conversion kit today. Installation is a no-brainer. No leaks, its fantastic! I am completely satisfied, will order other conversions soon.
    Thank you

    Sent from my iPad

Fabio - Italy - Jul 13 2022

  • [Note, this guy is Italian. English is not his native language]

    Hello, NICK

    first of all, thank you so much for the patience you and your staff have had towards me.


    Excuse me for this if you can. In any, case I wanted to warn you that your article has finally arrived in Italy two days ago, you can see all the photos attached. Today I mounted this product inside the tube of my 2240 and followed your I did not exaggerate in tightening the cap. Your system "is working perfectly" and I finally have no more propellant leaks. I am sending you some nice photos after having also attached a nice optic. In the next few days I will do some tests on the target and if you want I will show you the results that I already know from before ... they will be fantastic and your product will contribute considerably to this success.

    For now, thank you againEmoji, and a warm sincere hug from Italy with great esteem and admiration


Matthew N - Ohio - Aug 8 2019

  • Absolutely. I actually sent her [a referral] your way. Your adapters have made our range set up very efficient.