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Diana Chaser Powerlet to Paintball Tank Adapter
for Pistol or Rifle

My first, and flagship, product has always been my Crosman 22xx series Powerlet Adapter systems. Well, Diana recently debuted their Chaser, which is set up pretty similarly to a Crosman 2240. I've had several requests for an adapter system for it, so I went out, bought a Chaser and designed what you see below.

If you want the full details on the Adapter system and what it does for you, please see

Below, you can order just the adapter, the adapter + 90 elbow or a Complete Rig, which includes coiled hose and paintball tank of your choice.

You can also buy a 90g AirSource kit which comes with a pre-filled cylinder. The paintball tanks must be filled upon arrival.

I will say this: The 90g pre-filled cylinders normally work fine and are great for buyers that can't easily fill CO2 tanks, but they include an extra thread adapter, which means they include an extra potential point of failure (leaks). And, with the 90g cylinders, once a leak starts, it's hard to stop them, wasting an entire cylinder. They're also more expensive from the get-go. For more details, email me. So, if you can, always choose a refillable paintball tank. They're cheaper to operate and more reliable.

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New, current design with cleaner threads and a knurled knob. This is what you'll receive in the mail.

New, current design with cleaner threads and a knurled knob. This is what you'll receive in the mail.

Diana Video

Crosman Video

I have a ton of OEM Chaser Parts here, if you need spares.

Diana Chaser Powerlet Conversion Kit
$64.99 - $84.99

Diana Chaser Full Kit (+ elbow + remote line + tank)


Mike C - California - May 19 2024

  • Hi Nick,

    I received the Diana Chaser paintball tank adapter a few days ago and had my Chaser shooting bulk CO2 in a minute, and a Diana Trailscout in two minutes.

    For the Trailscout, the end cap needs a 15 to 16mm x 1.5-2 mm o-ring (I used an A016 15.6 x 1.78 Viton o-ring. A114 15.6 x 2.62mm is too big). A stock Trailscout end cap o-ring will work. The o-ring should fit snugly in that gap at the end of the threads that screw into the Trailscout CO2 chamber, and the ring should just squeeze into that chamber when the end cap is tightened (finger tight). I kept the adapter attached to the end cap inside the CO2 chamber, along with two used powerlets and the little piercing cylinder (the Trailscout uses it to pierce 2 of the 3 powerlets), mostly to take up space as I don't think I need that much of a CO2 plenum. Works great!

    Many thanks,

Robert W - Ohio - June 18 2023

  • I received my conversion kit today. Installation is a no-brainer. No leaks, its fantastic! I am completely satisfied, will order other conversions soon.
    Thank you

    Sent from my iPad