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for crosman 2240 2250 1377 p1377 1322 p1322 drifter 2289, marauder pistol and more

Made in OhioGet comfortable. There's a lot of reading and a TON of photos on this page.

I offer one shape of trigger grips in three styles: Plain, Fluted and Checkered.

  • Plain is no flutes, no checkering.
  • Fluted is just horizontal lines; parallel with the barrel.
  • Checkered is the popular diamond pattern you see everywhere.
  • The grip shape is otherwise identical between the three.
  • The trigger grips fit the standard frame, which includes 2240 2250 1377 P1377 1322 P1322 2289, Marauder Pistol (and thus my Two Stage Trigger) and more.

I offer two shapes of forearms in three styles.

  • Plain (available in both shapes).
  • Fatty (which is rounder, has fingerholds and can have Flutes).
  • Tapered Flat Sided (which has flat sides to accommodate the Checkering).
  • The forearms are compatible with the pump guns: 1377 P1377 1322 P1322 2289, etc.
  • I only have a few species of wood that are thick enough for the forearms. They're listed below.

Also, I think I am going to offer Ready-To-Finish Blanks.

Trigger Grips Style
  • Plain
  • Fluted
  • Checkered

CNC Wood Grips
Plain vs Fluted vs Checkered

Forearm Style
  • Plain (available on both shapes)
  • Fluted (available Fatty only)
  • Checkered (available Flat Side only)

CNC Wood Grips
The two forearm styles

CNC Wood Grips
Unstained Checkered Walnut

Boiled Linseed Oil Walnut

CNC Wood Grips
Unstained Plain Pine

CNC Wood Grips CNC Wood Grips CNC Wood Grips CNC Wood Grips
Some delightful videos

Checkered Walnut (left) & Fluted Cherry (right) both with Boiled Linseed Oil

Checkered Walnut (left) & Fluted Cherry (right) both with Boiled Linseed Oil

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All wood products are available unstained or coated in BLO (Boiled Linseed Oil) which, on most species, adds real warmth, depth and character to the color and grain. You can optionally topcoat these, if you want. If you plan on doing any final sanding or finishing, order them Unstained.

Now made right here in Ohio (no more Chinese knockoffs). I'm telling you right now, most of the Crosman sellers are getting the same junk from China. I know, because that guy approached us all simultaneously and we all chomped at the carrot. I sold them for a couple years and they were garbage. It's literally an unknown species of wood (even the guy in China couldn't explain just what wood he had) AND the fit was never correct. The forearms especially. I have photos of the old grips buried on my site. If you can find them, you can make the comparisons yourself.

If you've thoroughly read my site, you know I do very, very little disparaging of my competitors. But because I used to sell that crap, too, I feel confident in telling you that I have the better product.

Anyhow, these are natural wood with varying grain patterns. No two grips will be the same (the milling is the same, they're the exact same shape, but the grains and shades will vary).

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*BLO = Boiled Linseed Oil


  • Walnut is by far my most popular seller. Walnut is dark, heavy and solid. Like me.
  • It takes the Boiled Linseed Oil better than any other species. Oiled Walnut is heavenly.

Boiled Linseed Oil Walnut | Right photo lucked out with some pretty gradient on the grain

Boiled Linseed Oil Walnut | Right: Boiled &

Boiled Linseed Oil Walnut

Boiled Linseed Oil Walnut


  • Cherry is probably the second most popular seller, but it's my #1 favorite. BLO on Cherry gives the prettiest result I've seen on any species. The checkering comes out crisp and clean on Cherry.

CNC Wood Grips CNC Wood Grips CNC Wood Grips
Boiled Linseed Oil Checkered Cherry (the trigger grips will darken to match the forearm over time)


CNC Wood Grips CNC Wood Grips CNC Wood Grips CNC Wood Grips
Randomly found my wood grips installed on a project gun on Reddit. Courtesy dingledangledeluxe.


*BLO = Boiled Linseed Oil
**This was me screwing around with some Minwax Stain and Gloss Polyurethane


Wooden Trigger Grips Only


Exotic Species Available Here

Wooden Forearm Only

Forearm Style



Wooden Trigger Grips & Pumper Forearm

Forearm Style

Unless you email me asking for different, trigger grips (plain,
fluted or checkered) will match the forearm style selected above



· A plain forearm is available with either the Fatty Body or the Flat Sided Body.
· Fluted is only available on the Fatty Body.
· Checkered is only available on the Flat Sided Body.

Add Boiled Linseed Oil


Tomas D - Sweden - April 1 2024

  • Hello,

    I recently received your walnut grips with a pump handle for Crosman 1377/1322, stained in boiled lins seed oil. I am attaching a couple of pictures of the final result in this mail for you to use on your website if you wish. I finished the wood with some additional reshaping and polishing, and two passes of Danish Oil. I'm very pleased with it.

Linn - Washington - March 6 2024

  • Thanks for your products. I think the gun looks much better now.

Judas -  Florida - February 1 2024

  • Hi thanks for making me the parts, maybe you can make some Alliance Hobby stickers with the plane flying upside-down like the Jenny stamp.

    photo 1: Alliance 1377 walnut grip and forearm. Wood grain runs straight and tight. The smoother it is sanded the better it looks so far 320 grit. Linseed oil finish ages well with time and multiple coats.

Jeff B - California - January 27 2024

  • Nick, Thanks for the guidance. As I mentioned previously, I tightened up the barrel to pump tube which worked great. It still shot horribly. After much inspection I noticed the scope was not in line with the barrel. Replacing the scope rings solved the problem and it shoots wonderfully! Thanks for your help! The wood stocks are a nice addition…especially the forestock.


    Jeff B

Eugene L - New York - July 28 2023

  • Grip kit came the other day here is a photo to show how my 1377 came out. I did put a light coat of stain on them prior to installing . Checkered forearm plain grip.

    Exactly as ordered . Love the new look , Worth the wait . Thank you !

    Eugene L
    Sent from my iPhone

    Cherry with customer-supplied stain

Jeff P - Idaho - July 28 2023

  • Hello AGAIN

    Jeff here received your Walnut grips and forearm today i would Just like to say they are some quality stuff take it from a wood worker for over 35+ years. Will send you pics of the gun before and after with all your parts when i get it done in a couple of weeks.

    Stained Walnut

David B - Utah - July 26 2023

  • I got the grips today. They are beautiful. Thank you very much.

    David B.

James M - California - July 9 2023

  • Hey there,

    Got the unstained cherry grips for the Crosman 13xx and they look great. Delivered quickly, I sanded them up and they finished very nicely. Don't know what all the hubub is about with those impatient customers you gotta deal with, you got these to me faster than anticipated. Thanks and Cheers.


    cherry, customer-stained wine

David M - Maine - June 10 2023

  • Good morning Nick and greetings from Maine.

    I received the final piece of the puzzle the other day and now my conversion is complete. I had no idea when I bought the Crosman, that I could take a $60 piece of shit and turn it into a $500 show piece.

    I don't consider myself "mechanically inclined", taking things apart is not the problem. The reverse isn't true. I watched your videos and a few others and just worked slowly and methodically. Much to my surprise, the Crosman actually worked when I was done. Boy did it work! So what's in it?

    Backside Kit, Threaded brass barrel band, Triple pack, Brass bolt and bolt handle, New hammer, Cherry grips and forend. Topped with an Sig Sauer red dot sight and a Huggett moderator. When I fired it with the moderator on, I thought there was something wrong because I could hardly hear anything. WOW!

    Thank you for such beautiful workmanship and good instructions! The only thing I want to do is replace the OEM piston and valve, which I'll do in the near future. Thank you so much again and have a great summer.

    David M

Michael C - California - May 10 2023

  • I just received the grips for my 1322.
    All I can say is WOW! These are beautiful, and just what I was looking for.
    Well worth the wait. You do really nice work. Thank you so much.

Anthony C - Colorado - May 8 2023

  • Hey, Nick! That looks great! That looks perfectly workable to me! Did you try the 2nd blank 90 deg or plane it down and go a little shallower or slower or some other solution on the interweb? Whatever it was, looks like it turned out great! Thanks for going the extra mile on this, I genuinely appreciate the effort!

    purple heart