This page shows some of the powder coating and polishing work I perform.

Powder coating is a literally baked-on finish that can be applied to nearly any metal object.
The baked powder is infinitely more durable than spray painting and looks amazing, too!

I have over a dozen colors to choose from and can always order a certain color at the buyer's request.

My polishing-only process involves removing any factory coating to achieve a high-shine, polished look.
Where appropriate, wax will be applied to keep corrosion and fingerprints to a minimum.

Not every color is listed on the product pages, but any color I have in stock can be used.
The following list contains all the colors I have in stock. I can always purchase specific colors to the buyer's request.


If you already have the pieces you want polished or powdered, please email me and I'll send back a quote.
My prices are significantly lower than what you would pay at a professional powder house.

Powder Coating Options
(any metal part that can withstand 400F for 20 minutes)
  • Bright Yellow (a normal yellow)
  • Gold (slightly less "flakey" brass)
  • Brass (looks reasonably close to actual brass metal)
  • Orange (creamsicle orange)
  • Ford Light Blue (robin's egg blue)
  • Pearl Opal Metallic (lightly flakes medium green)
  • Dark Green (not really that dark)
  • Olive Drab Green (have yet to use it)
  • Argent Silver Base (popular medium silver)
  • Reflective Chrome (tries to be real Chrome... and fails)
  • OEM Wheel Sparkle Silver (sparkly silver, looks good)
  • Machine Gray (unused)
  • Cast Aluminum (sorta like silver)
  • Cast Iron (brownish)
  • Copper Vein (one of my favorites... see photos)
  • Architectural Bronze (deep brown)
  • Flat Black (closest to "gun blue" that you're gonna get)
  • Gloss Black (wet looking gloss)
  • Gloss White (unused)
  • Black Stardust (black metallic flake)
  • Silver Vein (Google it!)
  • Red Metallic Flake (amazing)
  • Full Gloss Clear (protective top coat)
  • Mirror Black (deep, glossy black)
  • Mirror Blue (medium-deep, glossy blue)
  • Mirror Red (deep, glossy red)
  • Rat Rod Textured Black (mildly sparkly black)
Polishing (blue removal + wax)
  • Polished ("gun blue" removal + wax topcoat)
Bluing (deblue, polish, degrease, reblue)
  • Bluing is a chemical process performed on ferrous steel, including most gun parts. My bluing is nothing special, but typically results in better coatings than normal Crosman barrels.

Hydrographic Film Coating

  • Anything that can tolerate 60 seconds of water immersion.

  • Digital Camo

  • Woodland Camo
  • Burlwood Wood Grain
  • Snake Skin

Film Coating Unavailable! Sorry!


Had a couple huge orders come in, so I was busy powdering all week.
Up top we see a 2289 upper done completely in OEM Wheel Sparkle Silver.
The gold brakes are just that... Gold Powder.
The 2240 and caps are Mirror Red.
The red brakes are Metallic Flake Red.
The black brake is Mirror Black (replaces Gloss Black).


This is Metallic Red Stardust on a Shorty Steel Breech Kit. The longer stainless steel bolt is shown, unpowdered.

Red Stardust on an aluminum barrel band.


Copper Vein is probably my favorite powder to use. It looks great on gun parts and has a deep texture which hides manufacturer defects well.

A buyer wanted the above three pieces done in Copper Vein. They came out amazing!

Here is a Copper Vein 3-Screw Steel Breech mod, with Stainless Steel Bolt.
In the background is a Copper Vein 2250 Main Tube.



A customer wanted everything done in OD Green, so that's what he received!



These are all Copper Vein Main Tubes

2300T Main Tube + HiPac in Copper Vein

2300T Main Tube + HiPac in Copper Vein

2250XE Main Tube + Both Covers in Silver Vein


Tubes, breeches, barrels, they can all be polished. Here are several polished project pieces.

This is a 1077 Barrel Shroud, polished to a high shine.

Any of the power adjusters can be fully polished, as shown above.


This is the solid brass trigger I sell for the Crosman 2260 and/or Benjamin Discovery.
The trigger can be powder coated to any color choice you desire. Check out the below examples.

Copper Vein trigger...

Silver Base Powdered Trigger...

Silver Base Powdered Trigger...

Red Metallic Flake 2260 Trigger

Wood Staining

Red Oak Stained Grips with Polyurethane Top Coat

Weathered Gray Grips + Poly Top Coat


I have recently embarked on hydrographic film coating. Here are some early project pieces:

Update: Film Coating is unavailable at this time. Way too much work and time consumption for dollars earned. Sorry!

Left: Woodland Camo with bright basecoat
Right: Woodland Camo, dark basecoat.


Digital Camo

Burlwood Wood Grain

Update: Film Coating is unavailable at this time. Way too much work and time consumption for dollars earned. Sorry!


Photo on the left is generally unavailable.
The brass powder photo on the right is the one I do most often.

Trigger shoes get powdered almost daily. They arrive either black or silver and can be done to any color.
As you can see, the white, yellow and red are pretty wild!


Silver Vein - Metallic Red Flake - Black Stardust Flake

Silver Vein - Metallic Red Flake - Black Stardust Flake

Left Photo Left Brake: Powdered Gold Fluted Brake
Left Photo Right Brake: Powdered Bronze Normal Brake

Silver Base Powder on a Fluted, Vented Brake

Mirror Red Vented Brake

Mirror Red Vented Brake

These photos show the brakes powdered in Black Wrinkle.

The muzzle brakes are a popular request.
They come silver or black from the factory and can be done in any color.


A customer wanted a "Silver Streak" 2250! And he got one!
Poor photographs, unfortunately, that don't show the spectacular results that were this rifle!

The "Silver Streak" in the above photos shows blue removal with bare, waxed steel.

The "Powder Streak" below shows an entire gun outfitted in "Silver Base" powder.


This is just spray paint, but a customer wanted a pink 2240 for his daughter!


Triggers are a focal point of any gun. Do away with boring old black and choose something custom!


2240 Band shown powdered Silver Base, on the right is a Flat Black Deseamed 2240 Band.

Silver Sparkle Seamless Bands


Here's a current project I just completed.
A customer wanted orange and selected a color named "Powder Orange", though I may call it Cream Orange.


A customer wanted Pearl Opal Green on his custom aluminum grips and main tube.
The power adjuster, brake and end cap were done in Flat Black.


Here is an older Crosman pistol that shows bead blasting treatment then with
Silver Base in the top photos and Cast Aluminum in the bottom photos.


Powdered Wheel on the left, factory-coated wheel on the right.

This is a Dodge Durango wheel that I quickly sanded and powdered "OEM Wheel Sparkle Silver".
The resemblance to the Dodge color is almost identical.


I don't powder many barrels, but dozens have been polished. The stainless-like shine cannot be beat.



I can work on any of the bolts (either the OEM brass bolts or the steel variants).


The photos on the left are an 88g AirSource cylinder I have modified for Tethered use.
They've been powdered "Flat Black" and "Cast Iron", respectively.
On the right are hammer covers that couldn't escape my polishing!