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Alliance Hobby Upper Deck Kits
Steel Breech & Longer Barrel All-In-One Kits for 2240 2250 1322 1377 P1322 P1377

Lothar Walther Upper Deck Kits are here.

When you buy a 2240, 2250, P1322, P1377, 1322 or 1377 you get a plastic breech and standard length barrel.

My Upper Deck Kits include everything you need to convert to the steel breech and longer barrel. You can also swap calibers with this kit. Have a 2240 and want to go .177? Done. Have a 1322 and want it to be a 1377? Done.

Anyhow, on a 2240/2250, the kit is the steel breech and longer barrel.

2240 / 2250 kit shown (14" barrel displayed)

On the pumpers, it's the steel breech, longer barrel, 2289 barrel band (required) and the fiber optic front sight. A metal band is now available for the pumpers.

On the pumpers, you don't *need* the 2289 band, but you'll have to drill out the plastic band (and you're going to break it). The sight is optional if you are using a scope, etc. If this is still your choice, just select the 2240 kit instead.

1322 / 1377 kit shown (14" barrel dispalyed)

The steel breeches don't come with a rear sight. I make some, though, available optionally in the listing.

Also optionally available is the stainless steel bolt. Other photo.

The 2240 comes stock with a 7.5" barrel. The 2250 comes with a stock 14" barrel.

The pumpers come stock with a 10" barrel.

Common choices for the 2240 are 10", 12" and 14". Anything longer and it's too muzzle-heavy.

Common choices for the pumpers are 14" and 18".

Any length barrel up to 24" is available, but know that longer barrels will require support (shoulder stocks, etc).

Know that the longer barrels are actually for other guns. They 100% fit, but you may or may not have set screw divots or flat spots on the top of the barrel. It's the price you pay for having longer barrels. If you need to know specifics, email me.

Any other barrel will probably have a small divot for a barrel band set screw.

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Crosman 2240 / 2250 Upper Deck Kit

Caliber & Barrel Length


Crosman 1377 / 1322 Upper Deck Kit

Caliber & Barrel Length

Swap Plastic 2289 Band for Metal Band
(pumpers only)

Add Front Sight
(already included on pumper kits)

Make My Steel Breech the 3-Screw Mod

Add The Milled Plastic Rear Sight

Upgrade from blued bolt to stainless steel bolt

Or, add the all-metal LPA MIM Rear Sight


Polish Barrel