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Solid brass and blued steel factory-length bolts.

One- and two-piece brass bolts and two-piece steel bolts. The one-piece bolts fit the plastic breeches ONLY. Two-piece bolts fit anything.

Also available are two-piece stainless steel bolts, which feature a slightly elongated probe and a much larger cocking handle. They fit all the typically available breeches. These are the old Discovery bolts and supplies are limited.

All three varieties are available in .177 and .22. They can all be polished and powder coated, HOWEVER, the tolerances on the steel breeches are pretty night and since powder is so thick, you run into problems.

The plastic breeches are much looser and allow for custom colors on the bolts.

One-Piece Brass Bolts, Powdered.

Two-Piece Brass Bolt

One-Piece Brass Bolts, Powdered.

One-Piece Brass Bolts, Powdered.

Blued Steel Bolts

Stainless Steel Bolts

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one-piece bolts fit ONLY the plastic breeches