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The Little Boy Kit
Longer Barrel + Band Only for Crosman 1322 1377 P1322 P1377

I have offered, for a few years now, what I call the Big Boy Kit. That kit is designed to upgrade your Crosman pumper to a longer barrel, and includes extras like a fancier roll pin replacement and front sight.

It can be found here. That kit is expensive. Not everyone wants the extras.

Some people just want their longer barrel and the 2289 barrel band. They don’t mind reusing the OEM roll pin and they don’t want, or need, a front sight. If that’s you, then you want this kit. The Little Boy.

You can swap calibers with this kit, though you’ll need a matching bolt, optionally available.

The OEM length on a Crosman pumper is 10”. Here, you can have any length up to 26”.

18”, 24” and 26” are standard on .177.
14”, 18”, 24” and 26” are standard on .22.

Any other length will be cut and recrowned.

Note: You may have a set screw dimple on the barrel I send you. This is because the longer barrels we use here are for other models. You must be okay with said small dimple. 18” and longer in .177 will have a 1” flat spot that Crosman uses as a band fastening spot. Email me if you need pics.

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Alliance Hobby Little Boy Kit

Caliber & Length
Muzzle Desired (see below)
Do you need the bolt, too?

Muzzle Desired

How do you want your muzzle?

If you plan on using one of the plastic front sights, you'll need a flat spot on the top of the muzzle for the friction fit.

If you want the muzzle left plain, bare and round (not using a sight), select that option.

Polish My Barrel

Swap Plastic 2289 Band for Metal Band
(pumpers only)