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Front & Rear OEM Sights (various models)

The 2240 standard front sight is a simple plastic sight that fits the 7/16" OD barrels with the small flat notch on the muzzle.
The sight will fit barrels without the flat notch, but super glue may be required.

The globe ring fits the 2240 standard front sight ONLY and provides a nostalgic look. It does not fit the Fiber Front Sight.

Then, the 2240 fiber optic front sight is an upgrade to the standard sight and includes a "tru glow style" rod. The globe ring will not fit this sight. This is one of my most popular sellers.

The standard rear plastic sight is what ships on the 2240, 2250, 1377, 1322, et al.

I now have a "milled rear sight" that accommodates the steel breech kits. This is an Alliance Hobby Exclusive.

The LPA MIM sight is designed for the Crosman steel breech kit ONLY and it is an all metal match-grade sight.

The Williams Diopter Peep Rear Sight (5D-AG, 70809) is yet another offering for the Steel Breech Kit only.

The Williams Notched Rear Sight is also available. Again, for the Steel Breech Kit only.

The Williams 64 Peep Sight is for currently manufactured Benjamin Sheridan Rifles only.

Related Kits


2240 / 2250 / 2260 Standard (non-Fiber) Front Sight

Plain Plastic Front Sight

Plastic Front Sight + Globe Ring

Globe Ring For Standard Front Sight ONLY

Globe Ring Only

2240 / 2250 / 2260 Fiber Optic Front Sight. Normal sight for comparison. Fiber sight does not support the globe ring.

Fiber Front Sight

2240 / 2250 / 2260 / 1322 / 1377 Standard Rear Sight

Standard Rear Sight
(plastic breech only)

Milled Plastic Rear Sight
(steel breech only)

LPA MIM Rear Sight for Crosman Steel Breeches

LPA MIM Rear Sight

Listing now here.

Williams Diopter Peep Rear Sight for the steel breech kits.

Williams Diopter Rear Sight

Williams Notched Rear Sight for steel breech kits

Williams Notched Rear Sight

$5 Coupon for Williams Notched Sight ONLY

William Peep Sight - Full Details Here

William Peep Sight - Full Details Here

Williams 64 Peep for certain Benjamin Sheridan Rifles

Williams 64 Rear Sight

1077 / 2100 / 2200 Front Sight

Rifle-Style Rear Sight for Crosman 1077 / 2100 / 2200 / Others

1077 / 2100 / 2200 Rear Sight