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Crosman Aluminum Muzzle Brakes

These, below, are OEM Crosman muzzle brakes. They are not silencers. They do not deaden the sound or alter the velocity; they are for looks only. Again, this is not a real silencer.

They fit the standard 7/16" OD Crosman barrels and are held in place with a set screw. They will fit the 2240, 2250, 2300 line, 2400 line and the 2260. They will fit 1322/1377 that are modded with longer barrels.

The brakes w/o vents in the side arrive as a satin silver, but can be powder coated to any color that you wish. Both Flat and Gloss Black look amazing as does Brass, Copper Vein and Silver Vein.

There is a removable front sight post on top and a grub screw to fasten the brake to your barrel on the bottom.

The vented muzzle brakes (with tactical-style holes on the sides) are also available. They come from the factory as black, but can likewise be powdered to any color.

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Left: Powdered Gold Vented Brake
Right: Powdered Bronze Normal Brake

Silver Vein - Metallic Red Flake - Black Stardust Flake

Silver Vein - Metallic Red Flake - Black Stardust Flake

Silver Base powdered brake on the right...

Mirror Red Vented Brake

Factory Flat Black on the left, Mirror Red Vented Brake on the right.

Crosman Muzzle Brakes

Fluted (no holes) is factory silver. 2.0"
Fluted & Vented (holes) is factory black. 2.5"

Custom Color - $5.00

Common choices are flat / gloss black, silver, silver vein, copper vein, red & more.

See the Portfolio for more ideas.