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Stainless Steel Torx Screw Kits

  • I offer a Stainless Steel kit for the 2240 1322 and 1377. For the 2240, it includes ALL screws in stainless steel. Most are Torx, two are Phillips (front breech screw, valve screw). For the 1322 1377, you also receive a Stainless Roll Pin.
  • The P1377 and P1322 now ship with screws for the forearm (they used to be press pins). Torx isn't available in that size, so those are Phillips, too.

Related Kits

This listing is for a COMPLETE stainless steel screw set for the Crosman 2240, 1322, 1377.

Unlike other listings, Alliance Hobby offers every screw in stainless. Most screws are Torx, with a couple Phillips, due to availability.

Also, I know you may have a steel, aluminum or plastic breech. All require different quantities of fasteners. Alliance Hobby includes more than you'll need, so you'll always be covered.

Kit Contains:

Front & Rear Grip Frame Screws: T15 Torx
Rear Breech Screw (Steel, Aluminum or Plastic): T15 Torx
Front Breech Screw: #1 Phillips
Grip Handles: T10 Torx
Trigger Cover: T8 Torx
Valve Retention Screw: #1 Phillips (not applicable on 13xx)
Barrel Band & SB Set Screw: 5/64" Hex
Stainless Roll Pin for 13xx orders (not applicable co2 series)

Also available is an economical, but fully functional precision tool kit, which contains bits for every fastener on the model.

If you don't have access to Torx (especially T8), you may consider adding this to your purchase.

Torx Screws, No Tool Kit

Torx Screws, With Tool Kit