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Crosman Stamped Main Tubes
With Internals, or without.

Smooth, Unmarked Main Tubes Here

I offer many Crosman main (gas) tubes, either with or without the internals (valve, hammer, etc).

I carry the OEM main tubes either by themselves or with the internals, too.

I have the 2240, 2250, 2260, P1322 and P1377.

These tubes are all stamped and engraved with the "lawyer lettering". If you want completely unmarked, smooth tubes, go here:

Smooth, Unmarked Main Tubes Here

P1377 and P1322 Main Tubes + Internals, respectively.


Related Kits

Stamped Main Tubes
$29.99 - $39.99

Stamped Main Tubes and Internals
$69.99 - $79.99

Additional Options

Enter requested color above, if purchasing powder coat.

  • Destamped and oiled is basically this: Smooth, Unmarked Main Tubes
  • Polished and oiled is removing the blue from a stamped tube, leaving a near mirror shine, then oiling for rust protection.
  • Powder Coating is a baked-on finish of whatever color you want.