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Crosman 362 Flat Top & Flat Man's Kit

This is the 2-piece 362 Flat Top Kit (valve & piston) or the 4-piece 362 Flat Man's Pack (valve, piston, spring & bushing).

These kits are only compatible with the 362.

To read more, check out the original 13xx Flat Man's page here.

APRIL 2023 UPDATE x2: Adjustable Pistons now available.

  • The Flat Top Valve is an OEM Crosman valve that has been heavily modified.
  • First, we put it on the mill and angle the exhaust so the escaping air doesn't have to make a hard 90 exit.
  • After that, we straighten up the exhaust hole with a nice six-fluted bit.
  • Then, we flatten the face to allow more air to be pressurized per pump.
  • Finally, we remove as many factory machining marks as we can to make a perfectly smooth exterior.
  • And, of course, the valve is cleaned and polished prior to reassembly with BRAND NEW o-rings.
  • The Piston is 7075 aluminum milled from scratch. It features double o-rings for secure pressurization.

Full Kit Photos

Valve Only Photos

13xx Install Video (362 is mostly the same)


2-Piece 362 Flat Top Kit

4-Piece 362 Flat Man's Kit