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24" .177 caliber conversion for the 362.

Convert your Crosman 362 to .177 with this simple kit. Features a 24" .177 barrel and .177 bolt. That's 3" longer than the .22 barrel you have now.

  • Barrel can also be cut to whatever length you want.
  • Available with, or without a steel breech.
  • Basic Kit is just the barrel and bolt.
  • Deluxe kit is barrel, bolt and steel breech!

Basic Kit is Barrel + Bolt

Deluxe Kit includes the Steel Breech

This was a gun I built for a customer that included a steel breech, polished barrel and polished tube.

367 Conversion Kit
$59.99 - $99.99

Polish Barrel

Cut Barrel to Length

.177 Magnetized Bolt

Make Steel Breech 3-Screw Option

Milled Rear Sight

LPA MIM Rear Sight

Fiber Front Sight