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Modified Crosman 362 Metal Trigger Frame
Also for 2260, Discovery & Maximus

The Crosman 362 comes with the 2260 trigger pack with an upgraded metal frame (the little trigger cover is still plastic though (maybe changing summer 2023, we'll see)).

While this is nice from a rigidity standpoint, it does not come from the factory with the two holes drilled and tapped for use with my Adjustable Brass Trigger.

Well, it does now. I drill and tap the holes here in the shop.

And, you can add the Adjustable Brass Trigger upgrade here. A complete kit is available below, too.

362 owners: I accept core returns on this listing. If you send me your existing 362 metal frame (JUST the metal frame), I will refund you $10.

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Photos show the Brass Trigger installed. You will receive the plastic trigger, unless you order the Brass upgrade.

Install Video

Crosman 362 Metal Frame ONLY

(This is literally JUST the modified frame, for you to swap out all the internals yourself.)

Crosman 362 Metal Frame Assembly

(This is the whole assembly, which comes with the plastic trigger, but
modified with the two set screw holes in case you want to do the brass upgrade)

COMPLETE 362 Metal Frame with Brass Trigger Installed

(this is what you were after... a complete turnkey solution)