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1377 / 1322 Rear Cocking Knob
Sliding Breech Cover Conversion Kit

Q: What is this listing?
A: This is a conversion kit for the older style Crosman 1377. If your older Crosman has the sliding breech cover and rear cocking knob, this kit will replace the system with the current-production plastic breech and bolt.

Q: Will I still need to cock the gun via the rear knob?
A: YES YES YES - The new bolt serves only to seat the pellet and seal the breech. It will NOT cock the gun. You must still use the rear knob to do so.

Q: If I still need to use the rear knob, what is the point of this kit?
A: Aesthetics, mainly. I have had countless requests for this kit, so here it is. You also do gain the convenience of a simpler-to-use bolt vs the sliding breech cover.

Q: Nonsense. I don't want to use the rear knob. Help!
A: You're going to need a new main tube, hammer, hammer cover, etc. At this point, you may as well buy a new gun!

Q: What all is included with this kit?
A: You will receive: 1) Plastic breech, including bolt, rear sight and screws 2) Replacement 1377 barrel with enlarged transfer port 3) Current production transfer port bushing.

Q: Rear sight?
A: The steel breech kit does not typically accommodate any rear sight except the LPA MIM or Williams. The standard plastic sight will NOT fit. You can also mount a scope, which is mainly what this kit is designed for. However, as of April 2016, Alliance Hobby does offer a proper plastic rear sight for an additional $20.

This applies only to the steel breech kit. The plastic breech accepts and includes a rear sight.

Left photo shows the steel breech kit.
Right photo shows the kit as installed with the plastic breech kit.

Plastic Breech Sliding Conversion Kit

Steel Breech Sliding Conversion Kit
$79.99 - $84.99

The Steel Breech Kit is offered with my 3-Screw option, too.

Longer Barrel Option

Barrel Length Requested (24" and under)

The kit comes with the standard 10" barrel. If you'd like to lengthen your barrel at the same time, select the otion above. This will REPLACE the 10" barrel (ie, you won't receive two barrels in the mail) and will also include the 2289 barrel band and a front sight, both of which are required for longer barrel installs.