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HIDDEN SCREW Steel Breech P1322 & P1377 Pistols!!!

The hidden screw steel breech kit is now available for the 1322, 1377, P1322 and P1377!!!

For those that don't know, Crosman offers a "hidden screw" steel breech on certain models. This breech is amazing because the "front breech screw" is no longer in the pellet loading area. It's now tucked underneath the bolt which greatly facilitates easier pellet loading. If you've ever struggled to insert a pellet into the breech, you know what I'm talking about.

Anyhow, this breech has always been available, but it's only ever been compatible on the CO2 guns (2240 2250 2260 etc). It's never been compatible on the pumpers because the main tube didn't have the proper hole and a notched hammer has never been made available (the hammer must be notched as the screw sits farther back, interfering with normal hammer operation).

Alliance Hobby is pleased to present a fully functioning pump gun (many options available) with the hidden screw breech!!!

It's expensive, as the steel breech price is built into the gun and also for the machining involved. However, the gun will ship fully assembled and fully tested. I contemplated selling this as a kit, but your gun would need completely disassembled and rebuilt from the ground up.

NOTE: There is NO rear sight included. The LPA MIM and a couple Williams sights are compatible, but the idea of the steel breech is, normally, to run a scope or red dot, etc.