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6" Stubby Barrel
Will fit many models, but is primarily for the Crosman 2300T / 2240.

  • The OEM barrel on the 2240 is 7.5". If you'd like a short, stubby look, this listing is for you.

  • The barrel will not have the flat spot for the front sight, because while the sight sort of fits, it's too tight against the piercing knob.

  • So it will be a plain round muzzle, unless otherwise specified.

  • Barrel is available completely clean (no set screw divot) or with one.

  • .177 also available. Bolt optionally available, but you'll need it on a caliber change.

  • Price is a bit different on the .177, for internal reasons.

.22 6" Stubby Barrel (with divot)

.22 6" Stubby Barrel (no divot)

.177 6" Stubby Barrel (with divot)

.177 6" Stubby Barrel (no divot)

Add Front Sight Flat Spot
(even though it doesn't fit correctly)

Polish Barrel
(blue removal, high silver shine) 

Do you need the two-piece bolt
(required for caliber swaps)