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Power Pack Plus for Pumpers
for Crosman 1322 1377 P1322 P1377 2289

The Power Pack Plus for Pumpers features a:
  • high performance aluminum valve (with an enlarged chamber to supply more air per shot)
  • stronger, high performance hammer spring (part 1 of the Pumper's Pack)
  • enlarged exhaust port (part 2 of the Pumper's Pack)

The trio has been available for years for the CO2 guns, but now pumper fans can enjoy all three performance components, too!


  • The PPPP kit, as I call it, will NOT work with the first generation 1322/1377 (those having a rear cocking knob on the very back). If you have that era gun, ONLY the power valve will work, which is available separately below.
  • If you have a 1377/1322 that came with a plastic breech (and no rear cocking knob) then the trio will work, though you can still buy just the valve if you want.
  • If you have a P1377/P1322, then the trio will work or you can buy just the valve.
  • The valves are generally safe up to 20 pumps. Enjoy that extra velocity boost, if you want to take the time to pump that much.

Pumper Power Valve Only

Pumper Power Pack Plus Complete Kit