Crosman Power Pack PLUS
Power Valve, Power Spring & Max Flow Bushing For 2240, 2250 & 2260

  • The Crosman Power Pack Plus is marketed as an essential upgrade kit for the Crosman 2240, 2250 and 2260 models.

  • All three pieces are available separately, too. Power Valve | Power Spring | Max Flow Bushing

  • Power Valve: These valves are professionally altered to deliver maximum CO2 flow per shot.

  • They feature such enhancements as an angled exhaust port, thinner walls and less cap threads (for a larger CO2 reservoir).

  • Power Hammer Spring: The hammer spring is longer and stronger, allowing more force delivered to the hammer (and thusly to the valve) per shot.

  • Max Flow Transfer Port Bushing: A Crosman Transfer Port Bushing that has been modified to accept as much airflow as possible. Export bushings (those that go into UK and Canadian guns) have highly restricted bushings with an inner diameter of approx .08". Domestic bushings, found on US products (what I call unrestricted bushings), have an ID of approx .140".
  • Max Flow bushings are reamed out to .161". That's a 13% diameter increase and a nearly 25% area increase. Obviously, this allows more CO2 to be passed per shot and more quickly, at that. The rest of the bushing remains stock, genuine Crosman and will drop right into your model, like a normal bushing will.

Crosman Power Pack Plus
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Crosman Power Pack Plus
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