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Crosman 2240 & 2250 Performance Pack
(2260 partial fit)

Kit will also fit the 2260, with the exception of the
Adjustable Sear (see my Rifleman's Pack).

Stop! Read! Important!
In April 2014, I removed the polished hammer from the Performance Pack and replaced it with the Max Flow Bushing.
The Max Flow is a much more valuable, worthwhile mod upgrade, compared to the aesthetics-only polished hammer.
Stop! Read! Important!

The kit features an aftermarket valve and hammer spring, adjustable sear kit,
Max Flow bushing and deburred, cleaned and polished hammer.

I have all pieces listed individually, too, if interested.

  • The power valves are professionally altered to deliver maximum CO2 flow per shot. They feature such enhancements as an angled exhaust port, thinner walls and less cap threads (all with the goal of a larger CO2 reservoir).

  • The power hammer spring is longer and stronger, allowing more force to be delivered to the hammer (and thusly to the valve) per shot.

  • The Max Flow Bushing is reamed out to .161" (13% diameter increase, 24% area increase) to allow absolutely as much airflow as possible. With the power valve and power spring, it's the perfect addition for the POWER TRIFECTA!

  • The adjustable sear kit allows you to incrementally dial down the trigger pull required for each shot. It is capable of very light pulls.

  • The hammer is a stock 22xx unit that has been degreased, deburred, cleaned and polished... with the goal being that it slides against the main tube walls smoother and easier. (NO LONGER INCLUDED)

Together, these mods will transform your Crosman model into
something more powerful, more enjoyable and more valuable.

Note that you will use more CO2 with this kit. You will go through Powerlets more quickly than with stock parts.

Also note that this listing assumes you are modifying an already
assembled product. As such, the valve screw is not included.

Crosman Performance Pack