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On Wednesday, June 28th 2023, I clawed myself into the 21st century and converted this site over from IP address-based cookies to browser-based cookies.

In the olden times, any device on your network (any device that had the same IP address) would see the same shopping cart.

The advantage to this was that you could shop on your computer and then your phone and your cart would still exist (providing your phone is on the same wifi network). Any device on your network would show the same cart (for better or worse). Using Chrome at 1pm, but Firefox at 8pm? Items in your cart will still show up. Interestingly, your cart would still display inside Incognito or Private windows.

The disadvantage to this is when your IP changes. Or, for instance, you're on your phone at home (wifi) then drive across town. Now, you're on cellular data with a different IP. Your cart wouldn't display.

Importantly, most home internet keeps the same IP address for weeks at a time. Mine hasn't changed in over a year. But cellular and hot spot IP addresses change nonstop.

You would likewise run into issues if you're using a VPN that randomly changes your IP, etc. I noticed a lot of buyers in my server logs were having frequent IP changes, thereby losing their carts.

So I changed over to browser-based cookies, like every other site on the planet. So now, regardless of network issues, your cart will (should) remain active and accurate.

You can also now save your shopping cart and restore it wherever and whenever you want.