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Crosman Barrels - Cut 'n' Crowned To Length

  • I start out with a genuine 24-26" Crosman barrel. I then cut it to YOUR specified size and accurately crown it with a crowning tool.

  • The exposed steel from the cut will be cold blued.

  • You may specify any size, in inches, accurate to the .5".

  • Lengths INCLUDE what is hidden inside the breech. It is the overall TOTAL barrel length.

  • Will fit the 2240, AS2250XT, 2250B and 2260.

  • If you'd like a 14" or 24", please choose them directly from the product page. No sense in you paying extra for a barrel that I don't actually cut. (If I'm out of normal 14", this is the way to get one...).

  • They will also fit the 1322 providing you modify the barrel band. It will need drilled out to accommodate the wider diameter. An alternative is to use a 2289 barrel band which is already widened at the factory.

  • These will upgrade a 1377 to .22 caliber with the above caveat. Additionally, you will need a .22 bolt and bolt o-ring.

  • Barrels are available in OEM "gun blue" or fully polished.

  • Polished barrels are very shiny and striking. They are similar to chrome, stainless or nickel products. It is single-handedly the easiest way to add a custom look to your gun!

Note!!! Barrels over 18" are shipping with a "milled flat" on the top of the barrel, a few inches up from the breech. This "flat" rests right at the 2250 barrel band location. Otherwise, it will be visible. You MUST be okay with this visible flat. I currently do NOT have any "no flat" barrels available over 18".

Photos of the "milled flat".

Crosman Cut 'n' Crowned Barrel

Caliber & Desired Length:

Polish My Barrel