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The Crosman 2289 Backpacker
Reintroduced by Alliance Hobby

STOP! READ! This is an old listing (circa 2013 or so) that never saw much activity until about two months ago (April 2019). Since then, I have had several orders for the reincarnated 2289. This page must be linked somewhere popular or showing up in Google because the popularity is sudden and unprecedented.

STOP! READ! Additionally, the plastic fatty forearm is discontinued. You will receive the WOODEN fatty forearm. Yes, you will get a wooden forearm with plastic shoulder stock (for now). I do have the wooden shoulder stocks, but as of this writing, I'm out of stock. More are incoming.

STOP! READ! I don't have the time to build, shoot, chrony and test these guns so they will be shipping as a Quick Build Kit. You will receive a bone-stock 1322 and all the required hardware to build your 2289 yourself. It's not hard and requires no special tools. The only difficult thing (driving the barrel band roll pin out) I will do for you prior to shipment.

AGAIN, this listing now ships as a Quick Build Kit. If you're expecting a turn-key gun, this listing isn't for you.

The Crosman 2289 Backpacker was an incredible pump gun that Crosman brought to market several years ago, eventually discontinued, then reintroduced about two years ago. Only to quickly discontinue it again!

The 2289 was a delight to own and shoot, but really it was nothing more than a 1322 with a slightly longer barrel and larger, fatter forearm. And of course the shoulder stock. However, those upgrades made for an awesome shooter.

When we contacted Crosman over the second discontinuance of the 2289 we were told it was simply a poor seller. Odd, because we could never keep them in stock they sold so well.

Anyhow, Alliance Hobby is able to reintroduce a close replica of the 2289 using a 1322 pistol, outfitted with longer barrel (you get a choice here), the fatter forearm and normal shoulder stock. You also have your choice of caliber (!!!) and plastic vs steel breech.

The gun is your standard 10-pump pumper with rifled barrel in either caliber. Please note that the main tube will still be stamped 1322 or 1377. All parts are new and the gun is fully tested prior to shipment.

All Alliance Hobby guns carry a lifetime warranty.

No Longer Available