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Milled Crosman 14" .177 Barrel

I am now offering rifled 14" .177 barrels for the various Crosman lines. Barrel has OD of 7/16" (11.1125mm).

This barrel will fit the 2240 1322 1377 2250 2289 P1322 P1377.

14" .177 has never been offered by Crosman or anyone else, so I am now taking 24" .177 barrels and cutting them down to 14". I am then facing and crowning the muzzle for a nice, accurate shot. Furthermore, I am milling the proper "flat spot" on the top of the barrel for the plastic front sights. The photos show the bare steel finish, but the muzzle will be reblued to a nearly perfect match.

If you're swapping calibers from .22, you'll need the .177 bolt, too.

If you want to put them on a pumper (1322 1377), you'll need the 2289 band kit, new front sight and roll pin.

Both of those options are available above. You can, of course, buy the barrel only.

14" .22 Available Here

These photos show a 14" along with other (not included) parts.

14" .177 Barrel

Polish My Barrel

Add A Front Sight

14" .177 Barrel + Bolt + Sight + Band + Roll Pin