Crosman Deluxe Two Stage Trigger System

This is a true two stage trigger system for the Crosman 2240, 2250, 2300 series, 2400 series, 1377, 1322, P1377, P1322 and 2289.

It is also technically compatible with the 2260, though you will not be able to use the wood rifle stock.

This is actually the Marauder Pistol Trigger Kit with modifications performed for compatibility with the models listed above.

The kit is now compatible with all breeches. Plastic, Steel, "Hidden Screw" Steel and Aluminum. However, I will need to know exactly which gun you're installing this on, so I know which striker to send. Each model requires a different striker.

The kit is adjustable in three places: Two set screws at the back of the trigger itself and then the linkage via the brass screw below the sear.

You will receive one trigger frame, as pictured, plus one applicable striker.

Install Directions:

Photos on the right show the kit plus 22xx striker and 13xx striker.

These photos show the "hidden screw" breech.
If you have one of these, you need and will receive, a notched hammer.

Custom-milled Notched Striker for hidden screw breeches.

Two Stage Trigger System
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Two Stage Trigger System
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Which Breech Do You Have?
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