Power Pack Plus for Pumpers (6/21/18)
Wooden Fatty Forearm (3/11/18)
Prod Exhaust Bushing (11/11/17)
Prod Max Flow Bushing (11/11/17)
26" .22 Barrels (11/11/17)
New Aluminum Brakes (6/30/17)
38C / 38T Rebuild Kit (6/20/17)
Marauder Rifle Baffles Kit (12/17/16)
1377 / 1322 Flat Top Valve & Piston (10/27/16)
Solid Walnut Wood Grips (10/07/16)
THREE Set Screw Steel Breeches (07/24/16)
Steel Breech Plastic Rear Sight (03/28/16)

Power Pack Plus for Pumpers
for Crosman 1322 1377 P1322 P1377 2289

The Power Pack Plus for Pumpers features a:
  • high performance aluminum valve (with an enlarged chamber to supply more air per shot)
  • stronger, high performance hammer spring (part 1 of the Pumper's Pack)
  • enlarged exhaust port (part 2 of the Pumper's Pack)

The trio has been available for years for the CO2 guns, but now pumper fans can enjoy all three performance components, too!


  • The PPPP kit, as I call it, will NOT work with the first generation 1322/1377 (those having a rear cocking knob on the very back). If you have that era gun, ONLY the power valve will work, which is available separately below.
  • If you have a 1377/1322 that came with a plastic breech (and no rear cocking knob) then the trio will work, though you can still buy just the valve if you want.
  • If you have a P1377/P1322, then the trio will work or you can buy just the valve.
  • The valves are generally safe up to 20 pumps. Enjoy that extra velocity boost, if you want to take the time to pump that much.

Power Pack Plus for Pumpers
Free USA Shipping


Power Pack Plus for Pumpers
Free USA Shipping



Solid Wood Fatty Forearm + Grips Combo
For Crosman 1322, 1377, P1322, P1377 & 2289

Well, they're finally here. Christmas in March.

Now in stock, ready to ship. Solid wood fatty forearms. Either sold individually or with the pistol grips as a combo. Wider and more comfortable than both the 13xx and P13xx forearms, the original plastic "fatty" found on the 2289 was the #1 mod to buy. That was inexplicably discontinued about two years ago and this wooden option is the next best thing (some would argue THE best thing).

I can ship these unstained/uncoated and you can work them however you like. I can also apply a full gloss polyurethane topcoat for $5. I am not currently staining them, however.

Unstained Fatty with Unstained Slim Grips.

Unstained Fatty with Unstained Slim Grips.

Unstained Fatty with Unstained Full Grips.

Gloss Polyurethane Top Coat

Red Oak Stain + Gloss Polyurethane Top Coat

Fatty + Grips
FREE USA Shipping


Fatty + Grips
International Shipping


I am NOT staining these grips right now, however I will add a Full Gloss Polyurethane topcoat for $5. A poly-only
(no stain) is probably the most appealing choice because it brings out the natural grain and color of the wood.

Poly Only Top Coat | No Stain | $5.00

Alliance Hobby Upper Deck Kits
Steel Breech & Longer Barrel All-In-One Kits for 2240 2250 1322 1377 P1322 P1377

When you buy a 2240, 2250, P1322, P1377, 1322 or 1377 you get a plastic breech and standard length barrel.

My Upper Deck Kits include everything you need to convert to the steel breech and longer barrel. You can also swap calibers with this kit. Have a 2240 and want to go .177? Done. Have a 1322 and want it to be a 1377? Done.

Anyhow, on a 2240/2250, the kit is the steel breech and longer barrel.

2240 / 2250 kit shown (14" barrel displayed)

On the pumpers, it's the steel breech, longer barrel, 2289 barrel band (required) and the fiber optic front sight.

On the pumpers, you don't *need* the 2289 band, but you'll have to drill out the plastic band (and you're going to break it). The sight is optional if you are using a scope, etc. If this is still your choice, just select the 2240 kit instead.

1322 / 1377 kit shown (14" barrel dispalyed)

The steel breeches don't come with a rear sight. I make some, though, available optionally in the listing.

Also optionally available is the stainless steel bolt. Other photo.

The 2240 comes stock with a 7.5" barrel. The 2250 comes with a stock 14" barrel.

The pumpers come stock with a 10" barrel.

Common choices for the 2240 are 10", 12" and 14". Anything longer and it's too muzzle-heavy.

Common choices for the pumpers are 14" and 18".

Any length barrel up to 26" is available, but know that longer barrels will require support (shoulder stocks, etc).

Know that the longer barrels are actually for other guns. They 100% fit, but you may or may not have set screw divots or flat spots on the top of the barrel. It's the price you pay for having longer barrels. If you need to know specifics, email me.

.177 barrels longer than 18" will have the flat spot.

Any other barrel will probably have a small divot for a barrel band set screw.

FREE USA Shipping, but international buyers MUST add this to your order.


2240 / 2250 Upper Deck Kit

Barrel Length (any length to 26")

1322 / 1377 Upper Deck Kit

Barrel Length (any length to 26")

Make My Steel Breech the 3-Screw Mod = $10

Add The Milled Plastic Rear Sight = $10

Or, add the all-metal LPA MIM Rear Sight = $60

NEW! 26" .22 Rifled Barrels
For Crosman 2240, 2250, 2260, 1377, 1322, P1377, P1322, 2289, 2300 Series, 2400 Series, Discovery & Maximus

I'm proud to present 26" barrels in .22 cal (.177 coming soon) for the entire 22xx and 13xx line that I support.

Pump Gun mods (13xx) will also require the 2289 Barrel Band Kit and you'd probably want a front sight, too.

These are coming in two flavors.

One has a flat spot on the top-center about halfway down the barrel. This is for a support set screw on the guns they came off of. This barrel also has the flat spot for the friction-fit front sight.

The other barrel does NOT have either flat spot. The muzzle is knurled to accept the friction fit front sight.

For what it's worth, I'm probably only going to sell the knurled option after the flat-spot option sells out. But for now, I have both available.

26" long, knurled muzzle.

26" long, flat spot halfway down, then flat spot for front sight.

Which One?

Max Flow Transfer Port Bushing For Marauder Pistol

The OEM Prod Port is restricted to a 0.078" ID flow. My Port is opened up to a whopping 0.140" ID.

Static volume of air in OEM bushing = 0.00593 cubic inches.

Static volume of air in Max Flow bushing = 0.019 cubic inches.

Result = 3.2x more volume in my bushing.

More flow = more power.


Genuine Wood Stocks for
Crosman 1077, Crosman 2260 & Benjamin Discovery

All stocks are genuine Crosman/Benjamin.

For your plastic-stock 1077, upgrade it to a 1077w via the gorgeous wood stock.

For the 2260/Disco, they are direct replacements in case of damage.

1077 Wood Stock

2260 Wood Stock

Discovery Wood Stock

Wood Stocks - $79.99
USA Buyer - Free Shipping


Wood Stocks - $79.99
International Buyer - $20 Shipping


Crosman 1077 / 2100 / 2200 Muzzle Brakes

These muzzle brakes are 7075 aluminum (brass coming soon). They are for the Crosman 1077 and 2100/2200.

They do not suppress or silence; they are for cosmetic use only.

The integral front sight on these guns acts as a barrel support. To install the brake requires removing the front sight.

So, also included (not pictured) is a ground down front sight that acts as a barrel support only. The brake then slides onto the shroud and is held in place with a set screw.

These photos show the brakes powdered in Black Wrinkle. Dozens of colors are available.

Crosman 1077 / 2100 / 2200 Muzzle Brakes


If you want your brake powder coated,
enter your color here.

($5) Which Color?

100% Solid Brass Muzzle Brakes

These are solid brass muzzle brakes, milled from scratch. They do not deaden the sound or alter the velocity; they are for looks only.

They fit the standard 7/16" OD Crosman barrels and are held in place with a brass set screw. They will fit the 2240, 2250, 2300 line, 2400 line and the 2260. They will fit 1322/1377 that are modded with longer barrels.

A front sight post (similar to this) can be added if you're not using a scope. Otherwise, I'd leave it as-is, shown in the photos.

Style A

Solid Brass Muzzle Brake - Style A


Style B

No front sight post available on this one.

Solid Brass Muzzle Brake - Style B
No front sight post available on this one.


Alliance Hobby Aluminum Muzzle Brakes

Style A

These brakes are 7075 Aircraft Aluminum.

They will fit any of the 7/16" OD barrels, which means they'll fit the 2240, 2250, 2260, 2300 series and 2400 series. They'll also fit 1322, 1377, P1322 and P1377 guns fitted with longer barrels.

These do not deaden the sound, they are for looks only.

Style A, pictured here, does not use a front sight post, so you'll have to be using a scope with this one.

You have your option of leaving it polished aluminum (as shown) or it can be powder coated to one of my many available colors.

These photos show the brakes powdered in Black Wrinkle. Dozens of colors are available.

Alliance Hobby 7075 Muzzle Brakes Style A

Custom Color
Color Not Listed? Enter Here.

Style B

Style B isn't much different. It only has two decorative grooves (vs three on Style A) on the outside perimeter, but it also has a decorative groove on the face (the muzzle).

The backside taper is a bit longer, too (5 vs 10).

These photos show the brakes powdered in Black Wrinkle. Dozens of colors are available.

Alliance Hobby 7075 Muzzle Brakes Style B

Custom Color
Color Not Listed? Enter Here.