Refillable 90g CO2 Cylinder
Benjamin Discovery "Disco Pack"
2260 / Discovery Brass Trigger
1377 / 1322 FATTY Forearm
Max Flow Transfer Port Kit
Two Stage Trigger Upgrade

The Crosman 2289 is back!!! (10/26/15)
Powerlet Conversion Kits (10/03/15)
459MT Intermount Kit (10/03/15)
Benjamin Sheridan Intermount (10/03/15)
Refillable 90g CO2 Cylinder (8/15/15)
1077, 357, Marauder Mags (7/6/15)

Alliance Hobby Reintroduces
the Crosman 2289

The Crosman 2289 Backpacker was an incredible pump gun that Crosman brought to market several years ago, eventually discontinued, then reintroduced about two years ago. Only to quickly discontinue it again!

The 2289 was a delight to own and shoot, but really it was nothing more than a 1322 with a slightly longer barrel and larger, fatter forearm. And of course the shoulder stock. However, those upgrades made for an awesome shooter.

When we contacted Crosman over the second discontinuance of the 2289 we were told it was simply a poor seller. Odd, because we could never keep them in stock they sold so well.

Anyhow, Alliance Hobby is able to reintroduce a close replica of the 2289 using a 1322 pistol, outfitted with longer barrel (you get a choice here), the fatter forearm and normal shoulder stock. You also have your choice of caliber (!!!) and plastic vs steel breech.

The gun is your standard 10-pump pumper with rifled barrel in either caliber. Please note that the main tube will still be stamped 1322 or 1377. All parts are new and the gun is fully tested prior to shipment.

All Alliance Hobby guns carry a lifetime warranty.

Crosman 2289 Carbine
Free USA Shipping
International Orders, please email me directly.
Steel Breech Upgrade
Add $39.99

Otherwise, you'll receive plastic breech, as shown.

Vented Muzzle Brake Upgrade
Add $29.99

Otherwise, you'll receive plastic fiber front sight, as shown.


Powerlet to Paintball Tank Conversion Kits

A small inventory of my adapters has been built up and we now have a dedicated team making small batches at a time. Order yours today!

For the Crosman 1077, 2240, 2250, 2260, 2300 Series & 2400 Series

Alliance Hobby is proud to reintroduce their latest version (v4!) of their world famous paintball tank adapter system!

Now, one removable, modular, interchangeable cap works with up to four internal adapters to quickly and easily change between guns. This is the fourth major revision and upgrade to my adapters and it is, of course, better than ever.

Whether you have one Crosman CO2 gun, or the entire product line, you'll be ready to shoot from paintball tank reservoirs instead of expensive 12g Powerlets.

Full product details and the Buy Now buttons are located here.


Refillable 88g AirSource Cylinder
For Gamo Extreme, Hammerli 850, etc

My popular 90g Refillable CO2 Cartridge now has a smaller, easier to use valve. No more manually opening and closing. Product now features an automatic check valve.

How to use:

1) Connect cylinder to gun.
2) Charge cylinder via PCP hand pump, scuba tank, etc.
3) Bleed pressure off supply line.
4) Disconnect supply line.
5) Enjoy shooting!

This listing is for a JT 90g AirSource cylinder (compatible with most applications previously requiring an 88g cylinder) that has a check valve installed on one end with accompanying 1/8" NPT male quick-connect foster fitting.

This is a true refillable cylinder, allowing you the ability to disconnect the bulk gas source after filling the cylinder. However, the cylinder must be installed onto your product before filling with gas. After it is filled, you must deplete it through using your gun, by dry firing or target practice.

  • Again, it CANNOT be filled, then installed. It must be installed first, charged, then depleted before you can disconnect the cylinder.

The male fitting is that found on many paintball applications and is the same as on the Benjamin HPA Hand Pump (and most other hand pumps).

Take note of the extra length and bulk of the check valve and male fitting. Ensure that it will fit your application or that you can modify your application around the cylinder.

The cylinder has been tested to 1500psi. As such, it is suitable for CO2. Use HPA at your peril.

Having said that, the seller assumes no liability for injury, death or destruction during the use of the product. Purchase and use of the product absolves the seller from any liability, express or implied. You have been warned.


Reusable Feathered & Hard Fin
Airgun Darts in .177 & .22
(also called Bolts & Flechettes)

Feathered .177 - 10 darts per order.
Feathered .22 - 10 darts per order.
Hard Fin .177 - 12 darts per order.
Hard Fin .22 - 10 darts per order.

These darts are all kinds of fun and economical, too! They are easily retrieved
and reusable when plinking into the right (soft) target.

Random colors allow multiple shooters.

For the feathered darts, I recommend shortening the fletching a bit with a pair
of scissors and/or taking a lighter to the feathers to reduce the errant fibers.

Note that you may have to muzzle load these, depending on your air gun.


FREE USA Shipping


$5 International Shipping


Crosman 1377, 1322 to
2240 CO2 Conversion Kit

This listing will allow you to convert your 1377, 1322 pumper into a modded 2240.

The listing includes the main tube + internals, band kit and front sight. The sight has been slightly drilled out to accommodate the slightly different 13xx bbl's.

All parts are new, genuine Crosman.


Crosman 1399 Shoulder
Stock + Fatty Forearm Combo

This listing will allow you to modify your 1377 or 1322 pumper into a much more comfortable carbine. The shoulder stock simply screws right on in place of your hand grips.

The Fatty forearm is one of my most popular products. It reduced workload AND pinched fingers. It's more comfortable to hold. It matches the 1399 in color. Frankly, it's just the way to go.

The Fatty works best with the older style (discontinued Summer 2015) 1322 and 1377 (those NOT labeled P1322, P1377).

These pumpers have roll pins holding the forearm in place. Installation is simply driving out those roll pins, removing forearm, installing fatty with same roll pins.

If you have the new P1377 or P1322 (released Summer 2015 and clearly says P1322 or P1377), you will have to use the older style link arm (the metal arm the forearm mounts to) OR slightly countersink (partially drill) the forearm to accommodate the new screws. Either method works fine, according to several buyer reports.

I have the old style link arm and roll pins available separately.


Crosman Steel Breech & LPA MIM Combo

For many people, installing the Crosman Steel Breech kit is a no-brainer. However, some folks do it to mount a scope. Others simply want the rigidity and weight of the steel kit, yet want to continue running iron sights. There is only one solid sight choice for the Crosman steel breech kit and that is the LPA MIM sight.

Thus, this listing is for a complete Crosman Steel Breech Kit + LPA MIM sight in a combo package, available at a discount vs purchasing separately (a $20 savings).

Includes breech, bolt, tools, required screws, LPA sight and it's required tools.

Crosman Steel Breech + LPA MIM Combo
$99.99 Shipped
Free USA Shipping


Crosman Steel Breech + LPA MIM Combo
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
International Shipping


Crosman SSP 250 Loader & Insert

These are genuine Crosman Loaders and insert for the Crosman SSP 250. Also fits the earlier 1789 and 2289.

Note that ONLY the .22 cal insert is still available. All others must be made from scratch. Email me and I'll tell you how I do it, but I am NOT selling them pre-made at this time. Only the .22 insert.

Crosman SSP 250 Parts
Free USA Shipping


Crosman SSP 250 Parts
International Shipping


Crosman 1077 Loader + Magazine Combo

This listing is for a standard Crosman 1077 Loader + Magazine 3 Pack

Also available is the loader individually and/or the mags individually.

Both loader and 3-pack of mags together!

Crosman 1077 Loader + Mags
Free USA Shipping


Crosman 1077 Loader + Mags
International Shipping


Pellet Magazines
Crosman 357, 1077, 1088, 760
Benjamin Marauder

Brand new, retail or wholesale packaging (at my discretion) of the following mags:

Crosman 357 (0407T)
Crosman 1077 (all eras)
Crosman 1088/T4 (ONLY fits these two models)
Crosman 760 (new style 760 that supports linear mags)

Benjamin Marauder, fits all generations. EACH MAG IS DIFFERENT,
despite looking identical. They only work in their respective guns.

.22 Marauder Pistol RC2208
.177 Rifle RC1770
.22 Rifle RC2210
.25 Rifle RC2508

357, 1077, 1088, T4, 760 Mags
Free USA Shipping


357, 1077, 1088, T4, 760 Mags
International Shipping


Marauder Pistol & Rifle Mags
Free USA Shipping


Marauder Pistol & Rifle Mags
International Shipping


New Tactical-Style "P" Grips
for 2240, 1322, 1377

These are new tactical-style plastic grips shipping on the new Crosman 1322/1377. Brown or black available.

They are more aerodynamic, ergonomic and comfortable.

The hand grips are also compatible with the 2240, 2250, etc.
The forearm is ONLY compatible with the 1322/1377.

The listing is for all three photographed grips, plus screws, but if you're installing this on a 2240, the forearm will go unused.

The forearm no longer uses the annoying roll pins and instead uses quicker-to-install screws. Awesome!



Max Flow Transfer Port Bushing Kit

Have had lots of requests for my Max Flow TP Bushing, but also with the sleeve that sits below it.

So now I'm offering both. This is the bored-out aluminum bushing (my Max Flow) and then the rubber sleeve part number 130-036.

Again, this is not the OEM bushing. This is my wildly popular Max Flow bushing, which has been bored out for an approx 23" area increase (for increased exhaust flow).


Benjamin Discovery "Disco Pack"

This listing is for my two most popular Benjamin Discovery modifications.

First, is the solid brass adjustable trigger. This is a drop-in replacement for your plastic trigger. It is much more comfortable on your finger, makes the rifle look more mature and professional and has a lighter pull, too!

Full instructions and required .050" hex wrench are included.

Then we have an extra barrel band. Most Disco shooters know that that barrel often floats too much towards the muzzle. The second band will greatly improve accuracy when installed correctly.

Both grub screws and required 5/64" hex wrench are included.

Both mods are suitable for either caliber (.177 or .22) Discovery. The band is genuine Crosman, the trigger is made by a professional machine shop.

Both are available separately or combined here, at a small discount.



Benjamin/Sheridan 397, 392 & C9 Series
Trigger Assembly or Valve

  • I am now offering the complete trigger assembly (397B032) and complete valve assembly (397-046) for Benjamin 392, 397 and C9 series...
  • The trigger assembly's part number is 397B032, formerly 397A032, formerly 397-032.
  • The valve is solid brass, complete, with PN 397-046.
  • I am NOT a Benji/Sheridan expert, so ensure this is the right trigger/valve before you order. Compare photos and schematics, if necessary.
  • These are not compatible with the 22xx or 13xx Crosman guns.

Free USA Shipping


International Shipping


Crosman Backpacker 2289 FATTER Forearm
Fits 1377, 1322 & 2289

Also available as a combo!
Fatter Forearm + Shoulder Stock

  • Here is the new, nicer, fatter forearm that comes on the 2289 Backpacker. It is also fully compatible with the 1322 and 1377.
  • Have you pinched your fingers pumping your 13xx? If not, you're going to. This forearm not only reduces the chance of pinched, blistered fingers (you know what I'm talking about), but it just plain makes the gun more comfortable to hold.
  • This is an upgrade that truly needs done right now.
  • The listing is for one plastic forearm only. It does not include the metal pumping assembly or the roll pins. You will need those parts from your project gun.
  • Optionally available are two shoulder stocks. One is the normal "holes" shoulder stock that includes drill holes for the grip screws. This is the common Crosman 1399 Shoulder Stock.
  • The other is the very nice quick release "no holes" stock. This one does NOT have holes for the grip screws and is instead held in place by a "quick release" hardware kit (included).

2289 Forearm + Optional Shoulder Stocks
FREE USA Shipping
$23.99 - $53.99


2289 Forearm + Optional Shoulder Stocks
International Shipping (built into cost)
$33.99 - $68.99


Crosman Seal 38-128

Crosman Face Seal - Part Number 38-128

38-128 is a widely used seal in several Crosman guns, including: 1077, SSP250, 1008, 1088, 38T, 38C, 357 and more. It is typically the Powerlet Face Seal... what the tip of the Powerlet directly touches. As such, it is prone to failure and replacement.

Before purchasing, verify this is the correct part number!!! Email me if you need to. Refer to the Crosman schematics, if necessary.

Crosman Seal 38-128
$9.99 - $19.99
FREE USA Shipping

Crosman Seal 38-128
$9.99 - $19.99
International Shipping