1377 / 1322 Rear Cocking Knob
Sliding Breech Cover Conversion Kit

Q: What is this listing?
A: This is a conversion kit for the older style Crosman 1377. If your older Crosman has the sliding breech cover and rear cocking knob, this kit will replace the system with the current-production plastic breech and bolt.

Q: Will I still need to cock the gun via the rear knob?
A: YES YES YES - The new bolt serves only to seat the pellet and seal the breech. It will NOT cock the gun. You must still use the rear knob to do so.

Q: If I still need to use the rear knob, what is the point of this kit?
A: Aesthetics, mainly. I have had countless requests for this kit, so here it is. You also do gain the convenience of a simpler-to-use bolt vs the sliding breech cover.

Q: Nonsense. I don't want to use the rear knob. Help!
A: You're going to need a new main tube, hammer, hammer cover, etc. At this point, you may as well buy a new gun!

Q: What all is included with this kit?
A: You will receive: 1) Plastic breech, including bolt, rear sight and screws 2) Replacement 1377 barrel with enlarged transfer port 3) Current production transfer port bushing.

Q: Rear sight?
A: The steel breech kit does not typically accommodate any rear sight except the LPA MIM or Williams. The standard plastic sight will NOT fit. You can also mount a scope, which is mainly what this kit is designed for. However, as of April 2016, Alliance Hobby does offer a proper plastic rear sight for an additional $20.

This applies only to the steel breech kit. The plastic breech accepts and includes a rear sight.

Left photo shows the steel breech kit.
Right photo shows the kit as installed with the plastic breech kit.

Rear Cocking Knob Conversion Kit