The Crosman Backpacker 2289 FATTER Forearm
Fits P1377, P1322, 1377, 1322 & 2289

Also available as a combo! Fatter Forearm + Shoulder Stock

  • Here is the new, nicer, fatter forearm that comes on the 2289 Backpacker. It is also fully compatible with the 1322 and 1377 line.
  • Have you pinched your fingers pumping your 13xx? If not, you're going to. This forearm not only reduces the chance of pinched, blistered fingers (you know what I'm talking about), but it just plain makes the gun more comfortable to hold.
  • This is an upgrade that truly needs done right now.
  • The listing is for one plastic forearm only. It does not include the metal pumping assembly. It now includes stainless steel roll pins and longer screws (optional). The older pumpers used roll pins. The new "P" line uses screws. If you want to use screws (that's the only way I do it), you will countersink the roll pin holes about .25" deep to match the screw heads on the thinner forearm. Instructions are included.
  • Optionally available is the matching shoulder stock.

Fatty Forearm + Optional Shoulder Stock
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Fatty Forearm + Optional Shoulder Stock
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