Crosman 2100 / 2200 POLISHED Barrel Shroud

The 2100/2200 barrel is encapsulated by a wide blued shroud. I have polished it to a mirror shine to give your 2100/2200 that striking custom look. The surface is covered with a thick paste wax, which you should periodically do, too, to keep rust at bay.

This is complete blue removal and surface refinishing to give it a chrome-like shine.

Only the shroud is included, nothing else. No sights, no screws, nothing.

International buyers: Sorry the shipping is so high, nothing I can do about's a tube.


This is the discontinued AM77, the idea I'm trying to reproduce.

2100 / 2200 Polished Barrel Shroud
$39.99 + FREE USA Shipping or $15 International Shipping