Solid Wood 1399 Shoulder Stock + Fatty Forearm Combo
For Crosman 2240, 2250, 2300, 2400, 1322, 1377, P1322, P1377, 2289

Available separately or as a combo, I have now have wood shoulder stocks, similar to the Crosman 1399 synthetic stock.

The shoulder stock is compatible across the entire 22xx and 13xx line. The fatty forearm is compatible across the 13xx, P13xx line. 2289, too.

Screws included.

Note that the shoulder stocks (both synthetic and wooden) are notorious for a bit of looseness or slop. There are a few different fixes available, including the Quick Release kit or simply adding some padding to the bottom of the groove where the grip frame rests. This is not a defect with the wooden stock, it is more of a design limitation in Crosman's grip frame. Email me if concerned.

Available unstained bare wood or I'll spray a Gloss Polyurethane top coat. However, I fully admit that I'm not the best at it, so you may want to do it yourself if you want that perfect finish.

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Add Gloss Polyurethane Top Coat (+$5)